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Equatorial and mid-latitude ionospheric currents over the Indian region based on 40 years of data at Trivandrum and AlibagRastogi, R G; Chandra, H; Janardhan, P; Shah, RahulIJRSP Vol.43(4-5) [August-October 2014]274-283
Day-to-day variations of geomagnetic declination in Indo-Russian longitude sectorJames, M E; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.26(6) [December 1997]332-339
Total Electron Content Measurements at JaipurSethia, G; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.08(1) [February 1979]32-33
Equatorial ionosphereRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.19(5&6) [October & December 1990]410-423
Ionospheric Drift Measurements at Tiruchirapalli -1. E-region Results by Full Correlation AnalysisVyas, G D; Chandra, H; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]12-14
Day-to-day Variability in Ionospheric Drifts at Tiruchirapalli in relation to Electrojet StrengthChandra, H; Vyas, G D; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.08(4) [August 1979]168-172
Simultaneous Investigation of Ionospheric E-region Irregularities at Two Low-latitude Stations by Spaced Receiver TechniqueRastogi, R G; Chandra, H; Singhal, K P; Rai, R K; Janve, A V; Kumar, VIJRSP Vol.07(1) [February 1978]6-8
Ionospheric Total Electron Content over the Magnetic Equator (Kodaikanal) during Half a Solar CycleIyer, K N; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.07(1) [February 1978]16-21
Ionospheric Scintillations of vhf Radio Signals from Satellites at AhmedabadIyer, K N; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.07(1) [February 1978]9-12
Interplanetary Magnetic Field & Equatorial IonosphereRastogi, R G; Kroehl, H WIJRSP Vol.07(2) [April 1978]84-89