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X -band EPR spectra of copper(II)-dipeptide-imlidazole (1:1:0/1) systemPatel, R N; Pandeya, K BIJBB Vol.37(5) [October 2000]334-340
X-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of imidazolate-bridged copper(II)-copper(II) and copper(II)-zinc(II) complexes of glycylvalinePatel, R N; Kumar, Subodh; Pandeya, K BIJC-A Vol.39A(11) [November 2000]1124-1130
X-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of pig serum albumin-copper(II) and pig serum albumin-copper(II)-amino acid systemsPatel, R N; Pandeya, K BIJBB Vol.37(4) [August 2000]251-255
X-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of some Cu(II) mononuclear and Cu(II)-Cu(II)/Cu(II)-Zn(II)/Cu(II)-Ni(II) binuclear complexesPatel, Ram N; Patel, Ayodhya P; Pandeya, Krishna BIJC-A Vol.38A(09) [September 1999]900-905
X-band EPR spectra of ternary complexes of copper(II) with diethylenetriamine and some imidazolesPatel, R N; Pandey, H C; Pandeya, K BIJC-A Vol.36A(09) [September 1997]809-811
X-ray absorption near edge structure studies of some mixed ligand cobalt(II) complexesShrivastava, B D; Gupta, G D; Joshi, S K; Solanki, S KIJC-A Vol.34A(03) [March 1995]191-195
X-ray absorption studies of copper (II) mixed ligand complexes with benzimidazole as one of the ligandsHinge, V K; Joshi, S K; Shrivastava, B D; Prasad, J; Srivastava, KIJPAP Vol.49(03) [March 2011]168-172
X-ray analysis of 2-methyl-4-phenyl-3, 4-dihydro-quinazolinium chlorideRajnikant; Gupta, V K; Suri, O P; Lal, MIJPAP Vol.40(01) [January 2002]59-61
X-ray crystallite orientation in native cotton fibresMoharir, A V; Vijayaraghavan, K M; Kiekens, PaulIJFTR Vol.22(3) [September 1997]141-145
X-ray crystallographic studies of polymeric materialsBhat, N V; Deshmukh, R RIJPAP Vol.40(05) [May 2002]361-366
X-ray diffraction and electron microscropic studies of tetracopper hydrogentriphosphateChickerur, N S; Behera, G P; Shatapathy, B; Patnaik, D PIJC-A Vol.33A(10) [October 1994]946-947
X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform infrared spectra of the bricks of the Kamakhya templeSheikh, Md Raheijuddin; Barua, A GohainIJPAP Vol.51(11) [November 2013]745-748
X-ray diffraction structures of two isomeric decacarbonyltriosmium compounds of quinoxaline, [(μ-H)Os3(CO)10(μ-1, 8-η2-C8H5N2)] and [(μ-H)Os3(CO)10(μ-1, 2-η2- C8H5N2)]Begum, Noorjahan; Das, Uttam K; Hossain, G M Golzar; Hyder, Md. Iqbal; Kabir, Shariff EIJC-A Vol.44A(10) [October 2005]1988-1994
X-ray diffraction studies of Ga2Te3Singh, D P; Khan, M YIJEMS Vol.08(1) [February 2001]46-49
X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Graft Copolymers of Natural and Modified Cotton Cellulose and Acrylate MonomersVarma, D. S.; Naraslmhan, VeenaIJFTR Vol.01(2) [June 1976]60-63
X-ray diffraction studies of tungsten substituted molybdenum disulphideShah, Atul K; Gajjar, P NIJPAP Vol.46(7) [July 2008]488-490
X-Ray diffraction studies on molybdena-zirconia catalystsReddy, B MahipalIJC-A Vol.28A(03) [March 1989]241-242
X-ray diffraction study on sulphur for rubber vulcanizationBarali, K L; Bhattacharya, BIJEMS Vol.09(5) [October 2002]390-392
X-ray Diffraction, Magnetic Moments, Electron Spin Resonance & Other Spectral Properties of Complexes of Iron(III) Halides with Bis(tertiaryphosphine/arsine Oxides)Lobana, T S; Cheema, H S; Sandhu, S SIJC-A Vol.24A(06) [June 1985]516-517
X-ray flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) during very quiet solar activity conditions of 2009Nagaraja, Kamsali; Kumar, B Praveen; Chakravarty, S CIJPAP Vol.56(08) [August 2018]621-623