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The T(i)PP(ing) Point for Pharma: Why having TRIPS+ patenting standards in the TPP is bad news for Developing CountriesRaina, AkhilJIPR Vol.22(2) [March 2017]76-82
T-S variability and volume transport in the central Bay of Bengal during southwest monsoonKrishna, V V Gopala; Pednekar, Shailesh M; Murty, V S NIJMS Vol.25(1) [March 1996]50-55
T.M. Aminabhavi: a biobibliometric studyParvathamma, N; Gobbur, Devendra S.ALIS Vol.55(2) [June 2008]127-134
T11 target structure exerts effector function by activating immune cells in CNS against glioma where cytokine modulation provide favorable microenvironmentGhosh, Anirban; Bhattacharya, Malabika; Sarkar, Pallab; Acharya, Sagar; Chaudhuri, SwapnaIJEB Vol.48(09) [September 2010]879-888
Tablet disintegrant activities of new starch from immature pepino fruitsKhan, Saleemulla; Ramu, G; Mohan, G Krishna; Jayaveera, K N; Bhalgat, ChetanJSIR Vol.70(02) [February 2011]149-155
Tags for Living Beings: The Saga Of DNA BarcodeKumar, A. Biju; George, SanilSR Vol.48(01) [January 2011]19-23
Taguchi approach for investigation of the setting times on cement-based groutsTan, Özcan; Zaimoglu, A SahinIJEMS Vol.11(1) [February 2004]63-67
Taguchi approach with multiple performance characteristics for burr size minimization in drillingGaitonde, V N; Karnik, S R; Achyutha, B T; Siddeswarappa, BJSIR Vol.65(12) [December 2006]977-981
Taguchi method and ANOVA: An approach for process parameters optimization ofhard machining while machining hardened steelGopalsamy, Bala Murugan; Mondal, Biswanath; Ghosh, SukamalJSIR Vol.68(08) [August 2009]686-695
Taguchi-Grey computation methodology for optimum multiple performance measures on machining titanium alloy in WEDM processRamamurthy, A; Sivaramakrishnan, R; Muthuramalingam, TIJEMS Vol.22(2) [April 2015]181-186
Taguchi-grey relational based multi response optimization of electrical process parameters in electrical discharge machiningMuthuramalingam, T; Mohan, BIJEMS Vol.20(6) [December 2013]471-475
Tailored ruthenium polypyridyl complexes as molecular electronic materialsMishra, L; Yadaw, A K; Govil, GIJC-A Vol.42A(08) [August 2003]1797-1814
Tailoring Biodiversity for Development of New TherapeuticsSaxena, Sanjai; Kumar, DevendraNPR Vol.1(3) [May-June 2002]18-25
Tailoring electrically conducting copolymers using genetic algorithmKaur, Avneet; Bakhshi, A KIJC-A Vol.48A(05) [May 2009]631-636
Tailoring of density in carbon foamsSharma, S C; Naidu, N K Ramakrishna; Lakshmanan, T S; Mittal, M C; Sinha, P P; Vaidyan, V KIJEMS Vol.16(1) [February 2009]56-60
Tailoring of Guar gum for desert sand stabilizationGupta, Satish Chandra; Hooda, K S; Mathur, N K; Gupta, SIJCT Vol.16(6) [November 2009]507-512
Take Charge of Your Diabetes!Saxena, RichaSR Vol.51(01) [January 2014]12-18
Taking an Independent Inventor’s Inventions to the Market - Challenges and IssuesPendsey, Nandan; Agarrwal, ShuchiJIPR Vol.17(5) [September 2012]400-405
Taking Chemistry to CyberspaceBasu, BimanSR Vol.50(12) [December 2013]20-21
Taking Decisions The Fuzzy Way!Mozumder, AtishSR Vol.53(08) [August 2016]39-41