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p-Anisaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone as a Selective Reagent for Rapid Spectrophotometric Determination of NickelGowda, H. Sanke; Thimmaiah, K. N.; Ahmed, S. MaqboolIJC-A Vol.21A(03) [March 1982]327-329
p-Toluenesulfonic acid catalyzed rapid and efficient protocol for one-pot synthesis of α-amino nitrilesReddy, Ch Sanjeeva; Raghu, MIJCB Vol.47B(10) [October 2008]1572-1577
p-TsOH catalyzed efficient synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanesRaju, B China; Rao, J MadhusudanaIJCB Vol.47B(4) [April 2008]623-625
p-TsOH Catalyzed regioselective synthesis of 8,8'-methylene-bis-4- oxo-dihydrochromeno [4,3-c]pyrazolesReddy, Ch Sanjeeva; Nagaraj, AIJCB Vol.47B(2) [February 2008]319-324
P2O5-mediated Friedel-Crafts acylation of activated arenes with carboxylic acid as acylating agentKalshetti, Rupali G; Mandle, Ram D; Kamble, Sanjay P; Sudalai, ArumugamIJC-B Vol.59B(12) December 2020]1861-1867
P2P Networks: Online Piracy of Music, Films and Computer SoftwareMittal, RamanJIPR Vol.09(5) [September 2004]440-461
A p53-like protein from a freshwater mollusc Lamellidens corrianusMohanty, B PIJBB Vol.43(4) [August 2006]247-250
Pachycanthine: A new isoquinoline alkaloid and its antihepatotoxic activity from Berberis pachycantha KoehneAhmed, Bahar; Masoodi, Mubashir H; Khan, ShamshirIJCB Vol.47B(6) [June 2008]945-951
A package for processing referee's roster data for IJPAP using a minicomputer HP-1000 systemMurty, D S R; Shekhar, Chander; Gupta, PrabhaALIS Vol.32(1-2) [March-June 1985]23-28
Packed bed column studies for the removal of Acid blue 92 and Basic red 29 using non-conventional adsorbentSivakumar, P; Palanisamy, P NIJCT Vol.16(4) [July 2009]301-307
Packed bed column studies on recovery of Cerium(III) from electronic wastewater using biosorbents of animal and plant originVarshini, Jaya Sre C; Das, Devlina; Das, NilanjanaIJCT Vol.24(3) [May 2017]294-303
Padding technique for natural dyeingIndi, Y M; Patil, P D; Jujare, TejasIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]118-121
PAF antagonism modifies neuroprotective action of histone deacetylase and calcineurin phosphatase inhibitors in miceSubbanna, Prasanna Kumar T; Tyagi, Manoj GIJEB Vol.44(11) [November 2006]886-891
PAH and other emissions from coconut oil blended fuelsKalam, M A; Saifullah, M G; Masjuki, H H; Husnawan, M; Mahlia, T M IJSIR Vol.67(11) [November 2008]1031-1035
Painful PilesNaik, Smitha; Rao, Dinesh B.SR Vol.50(09) [September 2013]46-47
Painful PolioChawla, P. CheenaSR Vol.47(1) [January 2010]19-24
Painting on handloom cotton fabric with colourants extracted from natural sourcesMaulik, Sankar Roy; Agarwal, KhusbuIJTK Vol.13(3) [July 2014]589-595
Paintings and drawings of Rabindranath Tagore: a bibliometric studyRay, Partha Pratim; Sen, B KALIS Vol.66(1) [March 2019]16-23
Pair correction function for square-well fluidsTiwari, Ashutosh; Khanna, K NIJPAP Vol.47(08) [August 2009]582-585
Pair distribution function for interacting bosons and the ground-state energy of solid helium-4Khanna, K M; Ayodo, Y K; Sakwa, T W; Rotich, S K; Torongey, P K; Mbugua, W SIJPAP Vol.47(05) [May 2009]325-331