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G and P genotyping of bovine group A rotaviruses in faecal samples of diarrhoeic calves by DIG-labelled probesMinakshi; Prasad, G; Malik, Y; Pandey, RIJBT Vol.4(1) [January 2005]93-99
GA applications to RSM based models for burr size reduction in drillingGaitonde, V N; Karnik, S R; Achyutha, B T; Siddeswarappa, BJSIR Vol.64(05) [May 2005]347-353
Gabapentin attenuates acute hypoxic stress–induced behavioral alterations and oxidative damage in mice: Possible involvement of GABAergic mechanismKumar, Anil; Goyal, RichaIJEB Vol.46(03) [March 2008]159-163
Gadolinium (III) chloride catalyzed facile synthesis of 2-substituted benzimidazoles under solvent-free conditionsSathaiah, G; Lingaiah, B P Venkat; Shekhar, A Chandra; Kumar, A Ravi; Raju, K; Rao, P ShanthanIJC-B Vol.54B(08) [August 2015]953-957
GAGAN - The Indian satellite based augmentation systemRao, K N SuryanarayanaIJRSP Vol.36(4) [August 2007]293-302
GAGAN—A New Dimension in Aircraft NavigationMurthy, M.S.S; Rao, K.N. SuryanarayanaSR Vol.48(09) [September 2011]13-15
Galactic cosmic rays, total solar irradiance, sunspots, Earth surface air temperature: CorrelationsAhluwalia, H SIJRSP Vol.43(2) [April 2014]141-150
Galactose oxidase immobilised on Ocimum sanctum seeds for the enzymatic preparations of L-glucose, L-galactose and L-xyloseYadav, K K; Vernwal, S K; Afaq, Z; Yadav, K D SIJCT Vol.09(3) [May 2002]218-222
Galanin regulation of LH release in male ratsPandit, Manisha Arora; Saxena, R NIJEB Vol.48(06) [June 2010]544-548
Galanin stimulates hCG induced testicular steroidogenesis in adult but not in immature male ratsPandit, Manisha Arora; Saxena, R NIJEB Vol.45(04) [April 2007]333-337
Galileo’s Astronomical DiscoveriesMishra, Lambodara; Ramesh, R.SR Vol.51(01) [January 2014]32-34
Gallium(III) halides catalyzed, microwave enhanced, synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones under solvent free conditionSaini, Anil; Kumar, Sanjay; Sandhu, Jagir SIJCB Vol.46B(11) [November 2007]1886-1889
Gallotannin hydrolysis by immobilized fungal mycelia in a packed bed bioreactorBajpai, Bhakti; Banerjee, Tushar; Patil, ShridharIJEB Vol.37(01) [January 1999]94-97
Gallstones-dissolving capacity of lemon (Citrus limon) juice, Herniaria hirsuta L. extract and lemon juice-based natural vinaigrette in vitroChekroune, Malika; Benamara, SalemIJTK Vol.16(2) [April 2017]197-202
Galvanic corrosion behavior of Al, mildsteel, stainless steel and Zn coupled to Cu in seawaterPalraj, S; Ananth, V; Subramanian, G; Chandrasekaran, PIJMS Vol.20(4) [December 1991]267-270
Galvano-gasometric studies of magnesium in aqueous solutionsAugustin, C O; ntonyraj, A AIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]235-240
Galvanostatic electrodeposition of Ti-(CdGa)Se films and their photoelectrochemical characterizationSrivastava, M L; Mishra, Sameer S DIJEMS Vol.10(3) [June 2003]223-228
Galvanostatic formation and photoelectrochemical characterization of zinc selenide and mercury containing zinc selenide filmsSingh, Kehar; Mishra, Sameer S DIJEMS Vol.06(1) [February 1999]48-52
Game Theory – Solution to Every Problem?Singhai, Arpit JainSR Vol.50(10) [October 2013]24-28
Gametogenesis and somatic versus gonadal growth in the oyster Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston)Joseph, M Mohan; Madhystha, M NIJMS Vol.11(4) [December 1982]303-310