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Dye and Fibre-NPR Vol.3(1) [January-February 2004]29
Dye and Fibre-NPR Vol.2(6) [November-December 2003]322-323
Dye and Food-NPR Vol.3(3) [May-June 2004]175
Dye Binding Capacity of Protein and Its Use in the Determination of the Ratio of Proteins in Wool MicrofibrilAhmadi, BehzadIJFTR Vol.09(2) [June 1984]60-63
Dye Non-Uniformity in Textured Yarn Fabrics-A Diagnostic ApproachTalele, A B; Rao, M V S; Gandhi, R SIJFTR Vol.13(3) [September 1988]128-132
Dye plants: Natural resources from traditional botanical knowledge of Sardinia Island, ItalyMaxia, Andrea; Meli, Francesca; Gaviano, Carla; Picciau, Rosangela; Martis, Bruno De; Kasture, Sanjay; Kasture, VeenaIJTK Vol.12(4) [October 2013]651-656
Dye surfactant interaction: Surfactant assisted slippage in stacking of styryl pyridinium dyesMohapatra, S; Behera, P K; Das, S; Mishra, B K; Behera, G BIJC-A Vol.38A(08) [August 1999]815-818
Dye yielding plants of Assam for dyeing handloom textile productsKar, A; Borthakur, SKIJTK Vol.7(1) [January 2008]166-171
Dye, Food and Fruit-NPR Vol.2(1) [January-February 2003]26-27
Dye-mediated photodynamic inactivation of Bacillus subtilis cells: Involvement of singlet oxygen and superoxide radicalsDube, Alok; Bansal, Harsha; Gupta, Pradeep KIJBB Vol.37(4) [August 2000]245-250
Dye-sensitized photooxygenation of diphenylamine in sodium dodecyle sulphate micellar solutionDahmiwal, N R; Grewal, DaisyIJC-A Vol.30A(08) [August 1991]660-664
Dye-surfactant interaction near CMC: Phenazinium dyes-sodium dodecylsulphateSaikia, P M; Dutta, R K; Bhat, S NIJC-A Vol.40A(04) [April 2001]396-398
Dyeability of cationised cotton and nylon 6 fabrics using acid dyesEl-Molla, M M; Badawy, N A; AbdEl-Aal, A Y; El-Bayaa, A A; El-Shaimaa, H M GIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]88-95
Dyeing and dye-induced changes in the physico-mechanical properties of polyacrylonitrile fibresBhattacharya, S D; Agarwal, B J; Patel, N I; Shah, V RIJFTR Vol.22(1) [March 1997]38-43
Dyeing and finishing performance of different PTT/PET bi-component filament fabricsYang, Zhuli; Wang, FumeiIJFTR Vol.41(4) [December 2016]411-417
Dyeing behaviour of nitrogen low-temperature glow discharge treated woolJin, Junchao; Dai, JinjinIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]477-479
Dyeing behaviour of open-end and ring-spun cotton yarnsIyer, V; Shenai, V AIJFTR Vol.16(3) [September 1991]236-238
Dyeing kinetics of radiation-grafted polyester fabric using different dyesEl-Gendy, E H; Ali, N MIJFTR Vol.32(2) [June 2007]232-240
Dyeing Mechanism of Heat Set Polyester from Trichloroethylene, Water and Water-Trichloroethylene MixturesGulrajani, M. L.; Sett, S. K.IJFTR Vol.01(4) [December 1976]141-144
Dyeing of Acrylic Acid and Acrylamide Grafted Nylon 6Gulrajani, M. L.; Sett, S. K.IJFTR Vol.01(3) [September 1976]83-87