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Theoretical approach to the tunneling mechanoluminescence produced during cleavage of II-VI semiconductorsChoudhary, Vibha; Singh, Anubha; Chandra, V K; Gupta, R K; Chandra, B PIJEMS Vol.11(5) [October 2004]421-428
Theoretical aspect of the deformation effect on fusion cross-sections induced by heavy ion systems 16,18O + 58Ni and 112SnDeb, Nabendu Kumar; Kalita, KIJPAP Vol.57(08) [August 2019]590-595
Theoretical Aspects of Rational Drug Design — An OverviewRoy, Kunal; Sengupta, C; De, A UJSIR Vol.60(09) [September 2001]699-716
Theoretical binding affinities and spectroscopy of complexes formed by cyclobis(paraquat-p-anthracene) with amino acidsRen, X; Miao, Y; Li, N; Wu, SIJC-A Vol.48A(05) [May 2009]623-630
Theoretical calculation of the ‘natural flock restoration’ time of a cotton comberXin-rong, Li; Xiu-ming, Jiang; Jian-cheng, Yang; Xiao-wei, WangIJFTR Vol.40(3) [September 2015]288-292
Theoretical Calculations for Ionospheric Modelling at Delhi for Medium Solar Activity ConditionsGoel, M K; Rao, B C NIJRSP Vol.09(5) [October 1980]164-172
Theoretical calculations on the transition energies of the UV-visible spectra of curcurnin pigment in turmericBalasubramanian, KIJC-A Vol.30A(01) [January 1991]61-65
The theoretical conformation analyses of polyoxanorbornene chainYilrnaz, Sevil Savaskan; Abbasoglu, RizaIJC-B Vol.45B(11) [November 2006]2491-2496
Theoretical designing of copolymers of donor-acceptor polymers based on polysiloleGandhi, Geetika; Bakhshi, A KIJC-A Vol.42A(02) [February 2003]240-249
Theoretical determination of electronic and spectroscopic properties of zeolite catalystsVetrivel, RIJC-A Vol.29A(11) [November 1990]1074-1076
A theoretical estimate of relative contribution of refractivity towards group delaySen, A K; Karmakar, P K; Rahaman, M; Devbarman, SIJRSP Vol.20(1) [February 1991]26-28
Theoretical estimation of heat capacity, density and thermal expansivity of liquid metal alloysPandey, J D; Soni, N K; Mishra, R K; Tiwari, K K; Dwivedia, D KIJC-A Vol.44A(06) [June 2005]1171-1175
Theoretical Evaluation of HOMO Energies, Heats of Formation & Resonance Energies of Non-alternant HydrocarbonsTewari, V P; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.27A(08) [August 1988]657-660
Theoretical evaluation of ultrasonic velocities in binary liquid mixtures of o-chlorophenol at different temperaturesRao, G V Rama; Sarma, A Viswanatha; Krishna, J Siva Rama; Rambabu, CIJPAP Vol.43(05) [May 2005]345-354
Theoretical evaluation of warp tension variations during weaving processSheikhzadeh, M; Hosseini, S A; Darvishzadeh, MIJFTR Vol.32(2) [Sept 2007]377-380
A theoretical explanation of intensities of storm-time VLF hiss emissions observed at low latitudesPrakash, Ram; Agrawal, Bal Mukund; Singh, A PIJRSP Vol.30(3) [June 2001]121-126
A theoretical explanation of intensity of low latitude ELF emissions and identification of their generation mechanismPrakash, Ram; Gupta, D D; Singh, A PIJRSP Vol.34(2) [April 2005]91-97
Theoretical insight into the structure and stability of TNT and RDX in external electric fieldLi, Ping; Zhang, Chi; Ren, Fu-de; Cao, Qing; Li, Xiao-jiao; Cao, Rong-liIJPAP Vol.55(08) [August 2017]604-615
Theoretical investigation into the cooperativity effect and thermodynamic property of β-nitroguanidine∙C2F4∙H2O ternary complexLi, Bin; Zhao, Guang-ming; Guo, Xiao-juanIJC-A Vol.57A(02) [February 2018]150-162
A Theoretical Investigation of Cloud Particle Size Distribution from Space-borne Line-Spectrum Imagery of CloudDutta, P C; Desai, J N; Bhavsar, P DIJRSP Vol.06(4) [December 1977]310-311