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Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour of ZnS4P2 chromophore as prototypeNami, Shahab A A; Siddiqi, K S; Chebude, YonasIJC-A Vol.45A(05) [May 2006]1139-1143
Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition of di-(2,4,6-trimethylanilinium) sulphateKapoor, Inder Pal Singh; Kapoor, Manisha; Singh, Gurdip; Fröhlich, RolandIJEMS Vol.17(4) [August 2010]305-310
Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of boron containing phenolic and cardanolic polymersAntony, Rosy; Pillai, C K SIJCT Vol.14(5) [September 2007]529-531
Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of magnesium (II) complexes of ortho and para-aminobenzoic acidsSrinivasan, B R; Sawant, Sarvesh C; Dhuri, Sunder NIJC-A Vol.41A(02) [February 2002]290-296
Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of nickel (II), copper (II), zinc (II) and cadmium (II) complexes with some mixed ligandsMitra, Samiran; Kundu, Parimal; Singh, Rajkumar BhubonIJC-A Vol.37A(08) [August 1998]743-746
Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of some new organotin (IV) complexes with aniline N-thiohydrazide and benzaldehyde aniline N-thiohydrazoneKaushik, N K; Mishra, A KIJC-A Vol.42A(11) [November 2003]2762-2766
Synthesis, characterization and thermolysis of 2,4-dihydro -2,4,5-trinitro-3H-1,2,4-triazol-3-one (DTNTO): A new derivative of 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (NTO)Jadhav, H S; Talawar, M B; Dhavale, D D; Asthana, S N; Krishnamurthy, V NIJEMS Vol.12(5) [October 2005]467-471
Synthesis, characterization and thermolysis of polynitrohexahydropyrimidines: Potential high energy materialsJadhav, H S; Talawar, M B; Sivabalan, R; Dhavale, D D; Asthana, S N; Krishnamurthy, V NIJEMS Vol.13(1) [February 2006]80-86
Synthesis, characterization and toxicity of lanthanide complexes with Schiff bases derived from S-benzoyl dithiocarbazate and aldehydesSiddiqi, K S; Tabassum, S; Zaidi, S A A; Kureshy, R I; Khan, N HIJC-A Vol.28A(12) [December 1989]1074-1079
Synthesis, characterization and X-ray single crystal studies of mono-n-butyltin(IV) dichloride complex of pyruvic acid- 2-pyridylhydrazone [n-BuSnCl2(PAP)]Affan, M A; Foo, I P P; Fasihuddin, B A; Hapipah, M A; Shamsuddin, MIJC-A Vol.48A(10) [October 2009]1388-1393
Synthesis, characterization, and electrocatalytic ability of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles for sensing acetaminophenSingh, Beer Pal; Kumar, Arun; Areizaga-Martinez, Hector I; Vega-Olivencia, Carmen A; Tomar, M SIJPAP Vol.55(10) [October 2017]722-728
Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of vanadium(V) complexes containing coordinated peroxide and histidine-A model for the active site of enzyme bromoperoxidaseMukherjee, J; Ganguly, S; Bhattacharjee, MIJC-A Vol.35A(06) [June 1996]471-474
Synthesis, characterization, and spectroscopic properties of heterobimetallic , isopropoxides of Co, Ni and Cu containing diethanolaminate moietySharma, Kanupriya; Sharma, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.42A(03) [March 2003]493-498
Synthesis, characterization, anti inflammatory activity and molecular docking study of novel pyrazoline derivatives bearing chalcone backboneBhadoriya, Upendra; Jain, Dinesh KumarIJC-B Vol.57B(10) [October 2018]1315-1321
Synthesis, characterization, antibacterial activity and 3D-molecular modeling of some oxoperoxomolybdenum(VI) chelates in mixed (O,O) coordination environment involving 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and β-diketoenolatesMaurya, R C; Sahu, S; Bohre, PIJCA Vol.47A(9) [September 2008]1333-1342
Synthesis, characterization, antibacterial and anthelmentic activities of copper(II) complexes with benzofuran Schiff basesReddy, K Ramakrishna; Reddy, K Madhusudan; Mahendra, K NIJC-A Vol.45A(02) [February 2006]377-381
Synthesis, characterization, biological and thermal properties of some new Schiff base complexes derived from 2-hydroxy-5-chloroacetophenone and S-methyldithiocarbazateMakode, J T; Aswar, A SIJC-A Vol.43A(10) [October 2004]2120-2125
Synthesis, characterization, curing and thermal studies of phosphorylated epoxy resinsDurga, Geeta; Singh, Darshan; Kukreja, Parveen; Narula, A KIJEMS Vol.16(2) [April 2009]133-139
Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry and photophysical studies of tetranuclear ruthenium(II) complexes with two new spacers containing four 1,10-phenanthroline units as donorPaul, Parimal; Tyagi, Beena; Natarajan, PIJC-A Vol.42A(09) [September 2003]2283-2289
Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry, catalytic and biological activities of ruthenium(III) complexes containing dibasic tridentate Schiff basesBalasubramanian, K P; Karvembu, R; Chinnusamy, V; Natarajan, KIJC-A Vol.44A(12) [December 2005]2450-2454