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Cataloguing : A composite bookPuranik, K DALIS Vol.02(2) [June 1955]50-53
Survey of libraries in AustriaMayerhofer, J.ALIS Vol.02(2) [June 1955]54-57
Studies in cataloguingParthasarathy, SALIS Vol.02(2) [June 1955]58-64
Corporate author.1. ConceptRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(2) [June 1955]43-49
Depth classification 13. Demonstration 4Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(3) [September 1955]79-85
Depth classification 12. Organization of notation in zone 3Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(3) [September 1955]65-78
Depth classification 14. ManureRao, D B KrishnaALIS Vol.02(3) [September 1955]86-88
Abstracting services in Medical sciencesNeelameghan, AALIS Vol.02(3) [September 1955]89-96
Depth classification 16. Packet notationParthasarathy, SALIS Vol.02(4) [December 1955]109-111
Documentation in many lands 3. EuropeSheel, PALIS Vol.02(4) [December 1955]123-128
Depth classification 15* Zones in arrays of orderRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(4) [December 1955]97-108
IFLA working group on cataloguingRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(4) [December 1955]112-116
Documentation in many lands 2. EvolutionRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(4) [December 1955]117-122
Depth classification 17 Efficiency tableRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.03(1) [March 1956]1-8
Depth classification 18. Propagation in AgricultureRao, D B KrishnaALIS Vol.03(1) [March 1956]9-10
Documentation in many lands 4. Documentation: Conventional and non-conventionalRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.03(1) [March 1956]22-32
Public libraries in the German federal republicGelderblow, GertrudALIS Vol.03(1) [March 1956]16-21
Open Access in library 1. Social functions of libraryRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.03(1) [March 1956]11-15
Depth Classification 19 Classification of managementRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.03(2) [June 1956]33-85
American libraries some impressionsGupta, S DasALIS Vol.03(3) [September 1956]91-104