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Corrosion inhibition of copper in aqueous chloride solution by diphenyl amine and cupric diphenyl dithiocarbamateSingh, M M; Rastogi, R B; Upadhyay, B N; Yadav, MIJCT Vol.06(2) [March 1999]93-99
Effect of substituents on corrosion inhibition efficiency of arylisothiocyanates and their condensation products with thiosemicarbazide for corrosion of copper in aqueous chloride solutionSingh, M M; Rastogi, R B; Upadhyay, B N; Yadav, MIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]414-419
Environmental radon pollution study in Garhwal HimalayasKandari, M S; Yadav, M; Ramola, R CBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]142-144
Experimental and quantum chemical studies on corrosion inhibition performance of some Schiff bases for mild steel in 4M HClYadav, M; Behera, Debasis; Kumar, Sumit; Sinha, R RIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]262-271
Inhibition of corrosion of copper by 2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole in 3.5% NaCl solutionYadav, M; Sharma, DiptiIJCT Vol.17(2) [March 2010]95-101
Molybdenum complexes as precursors of tribologically active substances under extreme pressure conditionsRastogi, R B; Yadav, MIJCT Vol.11(3) [May 2004]317-322
Substituted imidazoles as corrosion inhibitors for N80 steel in hydrochloric acidYadav, M; Yadav, P N; Sharma, UshaIJCT Vol.20(6) [November 2013]363-370
Substituted thiobiurets and their molybdenum and tungsten complexes as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 1.0 N sulphuric acidRastogi, R B; Singh, M M; Yadav, M; Singh, KIJEMS Vol.10(2) [April 2003]155-160