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Chromium(II) reduction of cobalt(III) complexes of 3,8-dimethyl-5,6-benzo- 4,7-diazadeca-3,7-diene-2,9-dione dioxime: Kinetics and mechanismVijayaraghavan, V R; Dayalan, AIJC-A Vol.40A(09) [September 2001]959-964
Ethylation of benzene over AFI type molecular sievesRaj, K Joseph Antony; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJCT Vol.11(5) [September 2004]678-682
Ethylation of ethylbenzene over AFI type molecular sievesRaj, K Joseph Antony; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.43A(02) [February 2004]254-257
Influence of pH and supporting electrolyte on electrochemical reduction of CO2 using nickel(II) macrocyclic complex of 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 14 - hexaazacyclohexadecane as catalyst at HMDEScibioh, M Aulice; Viswanathan, B; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.41A(03) [March 2002]472-477
Iron(II) reduction of halogenocobalt(III) complexes of 3,8-dimethyl-5,6-benzo-4,7-diazadeca- 3,7-diene- 2,9-dione dioxime: Kinetics and mechanismDayalan, A; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.32A(04) [April 1993]341-344
Kinetics of Iron(II) Reduction of Bis(malonato)- & Bis(oxalato)-ethylenediamineco baltates(III)Viswanathan, R; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]1001-1003
Kinetics of Iron(II) Reduction of cis-Bis(iminodiacetato)-cobaltate(III) & Bis(Malonato)ethylenediaminecobaltate(III) in Methanol-Water MixturesViswanathan, R; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.24A(10) [October 1985]866-868
Kinetics of Iron(II) Reduction of trans Diazido(1,4,8,11-tetraaza-2,3,9,10-tetra-methylcyclotetradeca-1,3,8,10-tetraene)-cobalt(III) IonMani, N; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.26A(11) [November 1987]958-959
Kinetics of Iron(II) Reduction of trans-Bromoammine- & trans-Bromo(N)glycinecis(dimethylglyoximato)cobaIt(III)Balasubramanian, G; Thothadri, T; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.27A(11) [November 1988]997-998
Kinetics of Reaction of Vanadium(V) with Some Oxalato Complexes of Chromium(III) & Cobalt(III)-Oxidation of Coordinated OxalateSamikkannu, S; Theresa, K Josephine; Viswanathan, R; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]760-761
Methylation of toluene over MnAPO-11 and ZAPO-11Raj, K Joseph Antony; Dayalan, A; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJCT Vol.13(4) [July 2006]329-333
Solvent Effects on Rates of Reduction of trans-Diazidobis(dimethylglyoximato)-cobaltate(III) by Iron(II)Mani, N; Vijayaraghavan, V RIJC-A Vol.27A(05) [May 1988]434-435
Sulphated Fe2O3-TiO2 catalysed transesterification of soybean oil to biodieselAnuradha, S; Raj, K Joseph Antony; Vijayaraghavan, V R; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.53A(12) [December 2014]1493-1499