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Benthos of Cochin backwaters receiving industrial effluentsDevi, K Sarala; Venugopal, PIJMS Vol.18(3) [September 1989]165-169
Biochemical studies on some tropical estuarine zooplankton speciesMadhupratap, M; Venugopal, P; Haridas, PIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]155-158
Changes in water quality at Cochin harbour dredging site, south west coast of IndiaJoseph, Thresiamma; Balachandran, K K; Nair, Maheswari; Venugopal, P; Sankaranarayanan, V NIJMS Vol.27(2) [June 1998]250-252
Communities and coexistence of benthos in northern limb of Cochin backwatersDevi, K Sarala; Jayalakshmy, K V; Venugopal, PIJMS Vol.20(4) [December 1991]249-254
Deposition of tar-like residues on the beaches of KeralaUnnithan, R V; Gore, P S; Raveendran, O; Venugopal, P; Devi, K Sarala; Remani, K NIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]371-372
Distribution of nutrients in the Periyar river estuaryDevi, K Sarala; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Venugopal, PIJMS Vol.20(1) [March 1991]49-54
Faunal Composition in Polluted Nearshore EnvironmentMenon, P Gopala; Madhupratap, M; Harldas, P; Venugopal, P; Rao, T S SIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]146-149
Hydrographic features and water quality of Cochin backwaters in relation to industrial pollutionDevi, K Sarala; Venugopal, P; Remani, K N; Lalitha, S; Unnithan, R VIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]141-145
Incidence of red water along south Kerala CoastVenugopal, P; Haridas, P; Madhupratap, M; Rao, T S SIJMS Vol.08(2) [June 1979]94-97
Sediments of a retting yardRemani, K N; Venugopal, P; Devi, K Sarala; Unnithan, R VIJMS Vol.10(1) [March 1981]41-44
Sediments of Cochin Backwaters in Relation to PollutionRemani, K N; Venugopal, P; Devi, K Sarala; Lalitha, S; Unnithan, R VIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]111-114