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Biochemical markers assisted screening of Fusarium wilt resistant Musa paradisiaca (L.) cv. Puttabale micropropagated clonesVenkatesh; Krishna, V; Kumar, K Girish; Pradeepa, K; Kumar, S R Santosh; Kumar, R ShashiIJEB Vol.51(07) [July 2013]531-542
Catalytic synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives over modified forms of zirconiaKumar, T E Mohan; Shamshuddin, S Z Mohamed; Venkatesh; Saritha, S ReenaIJC-A Vol.55A(12) [December 2016]1465-1470
Cordierite honeycomb monoliths coated with modified forms of ceria for the acid catalyzed synthesis of butylacetate via microwave irradiationVenkatesh; Shamshuddin, S Z M; Gangadhara, K V; Mubarak, N MIJCT Vol.27(2) [March 2020]135-143
Effective synthesis of quinoxalines over ceria based solid acids coated on honeycomb monolithsVenkatesh; Shamshuddin, S Z Mohamed; Mubarak, N MIJC-A Vol.54A(07) [July 2015]843-850
Facile synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes over cordierite honeycomb coated with modified forms of zirconia under microwave irradiation conditionVasantha, V T; Shamshuddin, S Z Mohamed; D’Souza, Joyce Queeny; Shyamprasad, K; Pratap, S R; VenkateshIJC-A Vol.56A(09) [September 2017]925-933
In vitro antioxidant and in vivo prophylactic effects of heptyl 3-(2-formylphenyl) propanoate isolated from Delonix elata L.against hepatoxicity in CCl4 intoxicated ratsKrishnappa, Pradeepa; Venkatarangaiah, Krishna; Venkatesh; Rajanna, Santosh Kumar ShimogaIJNPR Vol.8(1) [March 2017]47-53
Kinetic studies on liquid phase transesterification of dimethyl malonate with benzyl alcohol over modified ceria as efficient solid acid catalystsVenkatesh; Shamshuddin, S Z MohamedIJC-A Vol.57A(11) [November 2018]1344-1350
Regeneration of plantlets from mature embryo calli of Western Ghats land race cultivar of rice, Oryza sativa L.Gnanesh, A U; Krishna, V; Kumar, R Shashi; Venkatesh; Kumar, S R Santosh; Shashidhar, H EIJEB Vol.50(02) [February 2012]164-170
Direct and indirect method of plant regeneration from root explants of Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb.— A threatened medicinal plant of Western GhatsKumar, S R Santosh; Krishna, V; Venkatesh; Pradeepa, K; Kumar, K Girish; Gnanesh, A UIJEB Vol.50(12) [December 2012]910-917