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Adsorption studies of lead ions on γ-Fe2O3-thiourea complex compositeLagashetty, Arunkumar; Mallikarjuna, N N; Venkataraman, AIJCT Vol.10(1) [January 2003]63-66
Assessment of Degree of Mercerization in Foam-Mercerized SampleVenkataraman, A; Soosamma, P C; Subramanian, D RIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]19-21
Behaviour of crosslinking on cotton fabric dyed with direct and reactive dyesBhattacharyya, N; Doshi, B A; Venkataraman, AIJFTR Vol.19(4) [December 1994]260-268
Combustion synthesis of LiMn₂O₄by thermal decomposition of oxalate precursorsLagashetty, Arunkumar; Havanoor, Vijayanand; Basavaraja, S; Venkataraman, AIJCT Vol.15(1) [January 2008]41-44
Combustion synthesis of nanosized γ-Fe2O3: Structural, electrical, dielectric and magnetic studiesMallikarjuna, N N; Venkataraman, AIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]50-58
A Comparative Study of the Swelling Action of Monoamines and Diamines on Cotton CelluloseVenkataraman, A; Subramanian, D R; Manjunath, B R; Padhye, M RIJFTR Vol.04(3) [September 1979]106-110
Determination of Blend Composition of Acrylic/Wool Blends by Infrared TechniqueSoosamma, P C; Subramanian, D R; Venkataraman, AIJFTR Vol.07(1) [March 1982]10-12
Identification of polyester/cellulosic blends using FT-IR spectrometerGore, A V; Venkataraman, AIJFTR Vol.23(3) [September 1998]165-169
Low temperature synthesis of MoO3 through the use of NH2OH.HC1 as reducing agentMallikarjuna, N N; Venkataraman, AIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]303-306
A Model for the Crosslinked Cotton FibreManjunath, B R; Venkataraman, AIJFTR Vol.05(2) [June 1980]29-36
Estimation of lignin in jute fibres using FT-IR spectroscopaBandyopadhyay, B N; Venkataraman, A; Gore, A VIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]156-159