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Cellulose acetate based thorium (IV) phosphate as a new and novel hybrid fibrous cation exchanger: Synthesis, characterization and thermal analysisVarshney, K G; Drabik, M; Agrawal, ArunIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2045-2047
Ion Exchange kinetics of alkaline earth metals on acrylamide zirconium(IV) phosphate cation exchangerVarshney, K G; Jain, Vandana; Tayal, NamrtaIJC-A Vol.41A(11) [November 2002]2318-2320
An ion-exchange method for the selective determination of cadmium in some rock samples using antimony(V) phosphate beadsVarshney, K G; Maheshwari, S M; Gupta, UpmaIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]553-556
Kinetics of Exchange of Alkaline Earth Metals on Antirnony(V) Silicate Cation ExchangerVarshney, K G; Rani, SimaIJC-A Vol.22A(08) [August 1983]657-659
Kinetics of Exchange of Some Divalent Metal Ions on Phospho silicates of Zirconium(IV) & Thorium(IV) & Arsenosilicate of Tin(IV)Varshney, K G; Sharma, Uma; Anwar, S; Khan, A AIJC-A Vol.23A(02) [February 1984]152-154
Prediction of Ksp sequence for some sparingly soluble salts from Kd values of metal ions on some inorganic ion exchangers based on tin and silicon- A new approachSharma, S D; Varshney, K GIJC-A Vol.58A(09) [September 2019]985-988
Preparation and properties of styrene supported zirconium (IV) tungstophosphate : A mercury(II) selective inorganic-organic ion exchangerNiwas, Ram; Khan, A A; Varshney, K GIJC-A Vol.37A(05) [May 1998]469-472
Synthesis and characterization of a Hg(II) selective II-butyl acetate cerium(IV) phosphate as a new intercalated fibrous ion exchanger: Effect of surfactants on the adsorption behaviourVarshney, K G; Rafiquee, M Z A; Somya, Amita; Drabik, MilanIJC-A Vol.45A(08) [August 2006]1856-1860
Synthesis and characterization of a mercury selective phase of acrylamide tin(rV) phosphate hybrid ion exchanger: Separation of Hg(II) from ed(II), Pb(II) and Sr(II)Varshney, K G; Gupta, PujaIJC-A Vol.42A(12) [December 2003]2974-2977
Synthesis, characterization and applications of a new phase of crystalline and mercury selective acrylamide cerium(IV) phosphate: A novel fibrous ion exchangerVarshney, K G; Gupta, Puja; Tayal, NamrtaIJC-A Vol.42A(01) [January 2003]89-93
Synthesis, characterization and ion exchange behaviour of a new phase of antimony(V) phosphate cation exchanger: Selective adsorption of lead(II)Varshney, K G; Gupta, Alka; Singhal, K CIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]888-891
Synthetic, analytical and kinetic studies on a cadmium selective phase of zirconium (IV) tungstophosphate cation exchangerVarshney, K G; Khan, Asif Ali; Niwas, Ram; Parashar, P K; Nasim, K TIJCT Vol.04(6) [November 1997]317-323