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Adaptation of counters redundant bits with the provision of dual supply and modified clock gating to favour of low power in VLSISulaiman, S Mohamed; Jaison, B; Bennet, M Anto; Vaithiyanathan, DIJPAP Vol.58(10) [October 2020]750-757
Analysis of Surface Water Extraction and Change Detection Over Barur Lake, IndiaAiswarya, J; Kamala, J; Vaithiyanathan, DIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]239-243
Brain wave classification for divergent hand movementsBagyaraj, S; Apurva, S; Asha, R; Sangeetha, B; Vaithiyanathan, DIJPAP Vol.58(10) [October 2020]765-773
Energy efficient decision fusion for differential space-time block codes in wireless sensor networksKanthimathi, M; Amutha, R; Vaithiyanathan, D; Sharma, S SomeshIJPAP Vol.58(03) [March 2020]147-156
Implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation in Evaluation of Uncertainty of Measurement of a Force TransducerChoudhary, Harshvardhan; Moona, Girija; Vaithiyanathan, D; Kumar, HarishIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]271-276
Multiple Bandwidth FIR Filter Design with Adaptive Algorithms for Hearing Aid SystemsMariammal, K; SherinMary, R; Brittopari, J; Vaithiyanathan, DIJPAP Vol.58(08) [August 2020]605-623
Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle/Aloe Vera Incorporated PCL/PEO matrix for wound dressing applicationBagyaraj, S; Karthick, Arun S; Gomathi, S; Sandini, S; Sowmiya, R; Devi, B; Vaithiyanathan, DIJBB Vol.58(1) [February 2021]35-44
Relationship between qualitative physics and fuzzy logic in natural subsystemsPrabakaran, G; Vaithiyanathan, D; Ganesan, MadhaviIJPAP Vol.58(01) [January 2020]44-49