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Arsenic content in certain marine brown algae and mangroves from Goa coastRao, Ch Kesava; Chinnaraj, S; Inamdar, S N; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.20(4) [December 1991]283-285
Biochemical Composition of Some Benthic Marine Algae of the Vestfold Hills, AntarcticaDhargalkar, V K; Reddy, C R K; Deshmukhe, G V; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]269-271
Biochemical Constituents of Seaweeds along the Maharashtra CoastDhargalkar, V K; Jagtap, T G; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.09(4) [December 1980]297-299
Chemical composition of marine macrophytes and their surrounding water and sediments, from Minicoy, LakshadweepJagtap, T G; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.13(3) [September 1984]123-125
Ecology of intertidal benthic algae of northern Karnataka coastUntawale, A G; Reddy, C R K; Deshmukhe, G VIJMS Vol.18(2) [June 1989]73-81
Coeloseira compressa hollenb. (Champiaceae, Rhodophyta) - A new marine algal species from Goa, IndiaDeshmukhe, G V; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.15(1) [March 1986]37-41
Marine algal flora of submerged Angria Bank (Arabian Sea)Untawale, A G; Reddy, C R K; Ambiye, V DIJMS Vol.18(3) [September 1989]207-209
Occurrence of Hydroclathrus tenuis Tseng & Baoren, (Phaeophyta) from Gulf of Kutch, northwest coast of IndiaJagtap, T G; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.25(3) [September 1996]277-279
Marine macroalgal diversity along the Maharashtra coast: Past and present status Dhargalkar, V K; Untawale, A G; Jagtap, T GIJMS Vol.30(1) [March 2001]18-24
Study of mangrove environment of Maharashtra coast using remote sensing dataJagtap, T G; Untawale, A G; Inamdar, S NIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]90-93