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Antimicrobial potent (2E)-3-chloro-4-nitro-phenylchalconesUsha, V; Thangaraj, V; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.56B(10) [October 2017]1094-1102
Antimicrobial potent (E)-2-(1-phenylethylidene)-1-tosylhydrazinesManikandan, V; Vanangamudi, G; Arulkumaran, R; Christuraj, P; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.59B(03) [March 2020]399-405
SiO2-H3PO4 catalyzed condensation of amines and aldehydes: Solvent-free synthesis of some E-imines, spectral correlations of (E)-N-(substituted benzylidene)-1-benzylpiperidin-4-amines and XRD structure of (E)-N-(4-nitrobenzylidene)-1-benzylpiperidin-4-amine Mayavel, P; Thirumurthy, K; Dineshkumar, S; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.54B(06) [June 2015]779-790
Solvent free synthesis, spectral studies and antioxidant activities of some 6-substituted w-bromo-2-naphthyl ketones and their estersThirunarayanan, G; Vanangamudi, G; Sathiyendran, V; Ravi, KIJC-B Vol.50B(04) [April 2011]593-604
A new solid acid catalyst FeCl3/bentonite for aldol condensation under solvent-free conditionMuthuvel, I; Dineshkumar, S; Thirumurthy, K; Rajasri, S; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.55B(02) [February 2016]252-260
Synthesis, spectral correlations and antimicrobial activities of substituted 4-((E)-2-benzylidenehydrazinyl)benzonitrilesRajarajan, M; Senbagam, R; Vijayakumar, R; Balaji, S; Manikandan, V; Vanangamudi, G; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.55B(02) [February 2016]197-206
Synthesis, characterization and spectral correlations in substituted styryl 6-methyl-2-naphthyl ketonesThirunarayanan, GIJCB Vol.46B(9) [September 2007]1511-1517
Synthesis, Hammett spectral correlation and evaluation of antimicrobial activities of some substituted styryl 4'-piperidinophenyl ketonesRanganathan, K; Kamalakkannan, D; Suresh, R; Sakthinathan, S P; Arulkumaran, R; Sundararajan, R; Manikandan, V; Thirunarayanan, GIJC-B Vol.58B(10) [October 2019]1131-1143