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13C NMR Studies of Thiocyanato ComplexesTarafder, M T H; Fatema, KanizIJC-A Vol.27A(05) [May 1988]444-446
Adduct Type Peroxo ComplexesTarafder, M T HIJC-A Vol.26A(10) [October 1987]874-876
Coordination chemistry of chromium (III) ion containing bidentate, tridentate and quadridentate organic ligands and kinetics of ligand substitution reactions of some haloamine complexesPal, S C; Tarafder, M T HIJC-A Vol.34A(01) [January 1995]31-37
Copper (II) Complexes of S-BenzyldithiocarbazateTarafder, M T H; Begum, Monowara; Rahman, M LIJC-A Vol.25A(04) [April 1986]377-378
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of two new chromium(lll) complexes by hydrogen peroxidePal, S C; Tarafder, M T HIJC-A Vol.35A(11) [November 1996]960-963
Metal Complexes of S-Acetyl(β-N-acetyl)dithiocarbazateTarafder, M T HIJC-A Vol.28A(02) [February 1989]129-131
Metal Complexes of Some Nitrogen-Sulfur Donor LigandsTarafder, M T H; Roy, SIJC-A Vol.27A(05) [May 1988]407-410
Ni(II), Cu(II) & Zn(II) eomplexes of quadridentate S,N ,N,S donor Schiff base derived from S-benzyldithiocarbazate and benzylTarafder, M T HIJC-A Vol.28A(06) [June 1989]531-532
Nickel complexes of S-benzyl-β-N-(furyl) methylenedithiocarbazateTarafder, M T H; Rahim, MIJC-A Vol.28A(12) [December 1989]1105-1107
Palladium(II) complexes of hydrazones derived from 4-dodecyloxybenzoylhydrazine with some aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes and their mesogenic behaviourHowlader, M B H; Tarafder, M T H; Islam, M A A A AIJC-A Vol.48A(08) [August 2009]1078-1084
Some Organoperoxo Complexes of Zr(IV), Th(IV), Mo(VI), W(VI) & U(VI)Tarafder, M T H; Ahmed, AlauddinIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]729-732
Synthesis and characterization of peroxo complexes of dioxomolybdenum(VI) and dioxouranium(VI) ions with tetraazamacrocyclic ligandsTarafder, M T H; Khan, A RIJC-A Vol.35A(09) [September 1996]781-783
Synthesis and characterization of peroxo complexes of titanium(IV) and zirconium(IV) with some monodentate and multidentate ligandsTarafder, M T H; Islam, M Shamsul; Bhattacharjee, P; Quaraishi, S BIJC-A Vol.33A(07) [July 1994]676-678
Synthesis, Characterization & Antifungal Properties of Some Four-coordinate Nickel(II) & Four- & Five-coordinate Copper(II) Complexes Containing Tridentate Thiosemicarbazones &Ali, M Akbar; Kabir, M H; Nazimuddin, M; Majumder, S M M H; Tarafder, M T H; Khair, M AIJC-A Vol.27A(12) [December 1988]1064-1067