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Author index to Indian Science AbstractsHaravu, L J; Sur, S NALIS Vol.14(1) [March 1967]9-19
Computerized compilation of Union catalogueRaizada, A S; Khandekar, N C; Sur, S NALIS Vol.16(2) [June 1969]88-92
Directory compilation by computerRaizada, A S; Haravu, L J; Sur, S NALIS Vol.14(2) [June 1967]89-101
Report of a visit to the USSR for studying the soviet information systemSur, S NALIS Vol.13(2) [June 1966]91-96
Transliteration of Russian characters in EnglishSen, B K; Sur, S NALIS Vol.26(1-4) [March-December 1979]69-72