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Corrosion inhibition of picolinic acid and ascorbic acid mixture by 5-hexyn-1-olDas, Chintamani; Sudersanan, M; Totlani, M KIJCT Vol.07(6) [November 2000]292-299
Diluent Effects on Synergism in Extraction of Uranium(VI)Malhotra, R K; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.24A(03) [March 1985]223-226
A new chalcogenide membrane bismuth ionselective electrodeSharma, P K; Sudersanan, M; Mathur, P KIJC-A Vol.39A(04) [April 2000]472-474
Rapid determination of molybdenum and titanium in uranium based alloysBassan, M K T; Iyer, K V; Sudersanan, MIJCT Vol.10(3) [May 2003]291-294
Role of matrix material in the characterization of high-purity copper by flame and graphite furnace AASKumar, Sanjukta A; Sanglikar, Manisha B; Shaikh, Mahzebin S; Sudersanan, MIJCT Vol.11(2) [March 2004]170-177
Solvent Extraction Studies of Mixed Chelates of EuropiumSangurdekar, P R; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]523-526
Speciation of cobalt, zinc and mercury in marine environmentToteja, R S D; Sudersanan, M; Iyer, R KIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1367-1372
Study of Mixed Complexes of Uranium by Solvent ExtractionMalhotra, R K; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]744-747
Synergism in extraction of cobalt in presence of benzoyltrifluoroacetone and various donorsSangurdekar, P R; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.29A(04) [April 1990]366-369
Synergism in Extraction of Europium in Presence of Antipyrine & A β-DiketoneRaghupathy, S; Rangarajan, J; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.24A(10) [October 1985]898-900