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Adducts of Triphenyltin Nitrate with Lewis BasesSrivastava, T N; Kumar, PIJC-A Vol.22A(10) [October 1983]878-880
Anionic Complexes of Organotin(IV) with Onium HydrochloridesSrivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M A; Srivastava, S KIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]71-72
Complexes of Diorganotellurium(IV) Derivatives with Schiff Bases Derived from Acetylacetone & Primary Alkyl/Aryl AminesSrivastava, T N; Chauhan, A K S; Mehrotra, G KIJC-A Vol.22A(08) [August 1983]712-713
Complexes of Diphenyltellurium (IV) with Schiff Bases Derived from HydrazineSrivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M AIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]785-786
Diorganotellurium(II) as DonorsSrivastava, T N; Srivastava, V KIJC-A Vol.26A(03) [March 1987]265-266
Diorganotellurium(IV) Bis(dimethylglyoximates)Srivastava, T N; Singh, Jai Deo; Srivastava, SIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]519-520
Lowering of Compressibility in Ternary Systems Containing Organotin, Lewis Base & SolventSrivastava, T N; Singh, R PIJC-A Vol.23A(03) [March 1984]227-228
Molecular Adducts of Some Arylmercury TrifluoroacetatesSrivastava, T N; Pande, M NIJC-A Vol.22A(09) [September 1983]810-811
Molecular Adducts of Tellurocyclopentane Diperchlorate with Neutral DonorsSrivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M A; Srivastava, S KIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]550-551
Molecular Adducts of Triphenyltin DiethyldithiocarbamateSrivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M A; Srivastava, Sanjay KumarIJC-A Vol.26A(03) [March 1987]267-268
Molecular Adducts of Triphenyltin TrichloroacetateSrivastava, T N; Singh, JaideoIJC-A Vol.22A(08) [August 1983]674-676
Molecular Adducts of Triphenyltin(ethylxanthate)Srivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M A; Srivastava, S KIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1062
Oxidative Addition Reactions of Unsymmetric Diorganotellurium(II) CompoundsSrivastava, T N; Srivastava, R C; Srivastava, V KIJC-A Vol.22A(06) [June 1983]503-506
Some Anionic Complexes of Diphenyltellurium DinitrateSrivastava, T N; Kumar, PIJC-A Vol.26A(03) [March 1987]263-264
Some Diorganotellurium (IV) Bis(salicylaldehydo) ComplexesSrivastava, T N; Singh, Jai Deo; Mehrotra, (Mrs) ShashiIJC-A Vol.25A(05) [May 1986]480-481
Some Molecular Adducts of Phenylthallium Bis(trifluoroacetate)Srivastava, T N; Pande, M NIJC-A Vol.22A(04) [April 1983]344-345
Synthesis & Characterisation of Diorganotellurium(IV) Bis(haloacetates)Srivastava, T N; Singh, Jai DeoIJC-A Vol.26A(03) [March 1987]260-262
Synthesis & Characterisation of Some Pentacoordinated Triphenyltin Halocarboxylates & Their AdductsSrivastava, T N; Siddiqui, M A; Singh, Jai Deo; Srivastava, SIJC-A Vol.26A(02) [February 1987]158-161
Synthesis & Reactivity of Triphenyltin Trifluoroacetate & Its Molecular AdductsSrivastava, T N; Singh, JaideoIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]128-130
Synthesis and reactivity of diorganotellurium(IV) β-diketonatesSrivastava, T N; Singh, Jai Deo; Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar; Srivastava, SIJC-A Vol.29A(07) [July 1990]703-706