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Chemical Synthesis of Triazolil-Thiazolidin and Erylidins: Antibacterial and Antiinflammatory AgentSrivastava, S D; Srivastava, Somya; Srivastava, S KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]58-60
Conventional as well as microwave assisted synthesis and antimicrobial screening of 4-aryl-3-chloro-1-[(5-nitroindazol-1-yl) acetamido]-2-oxo-azetidinesUpadhyay, Apoorva; Srivastava, S K; Srivastava, S D; Yadav, RIJC-B Vol.50B(01) [January 2011]89-97
Conventional as well as microwave assisted synthesis of some new N⁹-[hydrazinoacetyl-(2-oxo-3-chloro-4-substituted aryl azetidine)]-carbazoles: Antifungal and antibacterial studiesSrivastava, S K; Nema, A; Srivastava, S DIJCB Vol.47B(4) [April 2008]606-612
Formation of New Series of Heterocyclic Thiazolidine and its Arailidine Compounds and Reactions Related to Antifungal, Antipyretic and Quantitative Structural ActivitySrivastava, S D; Srivastava, SomyaBVAAP Vol.12(2) [December 2004]279-280
New biologically active constituents from Terminalia chebula stem barkSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.43B(12) December 2004]2731-2733
New biologically active limonoids and flavonoids from Aphanamixis polystachyaSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S D; Srivastava, SoumyaIJC-B Vol.42B(12) December 2003]3155-3158
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2-(2′-arylidene-hydrazino- acetyl-amino)-4-phenyl-1,3-thiazoles and 2-[2′-{4′′-substituted-aryl-3′′-chloro- 2′′-oxo-azetidine}-acetyl-amino]-4- phenyl-1,3-thiazolesSonwane, S K; Srivastava, S D; Srivastava, S KIJCB Vol.47B(4) [April 2008]633-636
Synthesis and biological activity of 4-oxothiazolidines and their 5-arylidenesSrivastava, S K; Yadav, R; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.43B(02) [February 2004]399-405
Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-aminobenzothiazole derivativesSrivastava, S D; Sen, J PIJCB Vol.47B(10) [October 2008]1583-1586
Synthesis of 5-arylidene-2-aryl-3-(1, 2, 4-triazoloacetamidyl)-1, 3-thiadiazol-4-ones as antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic and diuretic agentsSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, Soumya; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.41B(09) [September 2002]1937-1945
Synthesis of 5-arylidene-2-aryl-3-(benzotriazoloacetamidyl)-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones as analegesic and antimicrobial agentsAsati, K C; Srivastava, S K; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.45B(02) [February 2006]526-531
Synthesis of new 1, 2, 4-triazolo-thiadiazoles and its 2-oxoazetidines as antimicrobial, anticonvulsant and antiinflammatory agentsSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, Soumya; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2357-2363
Synthesis of new 2-chloro-phenothiazinothiadiazol-2-oxoaze tidines: Antimicrobial and antiinflammatory agentsSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S L; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.39B(06) [June 2000]464-467
Synthesis of new benzotriazole derivatives: Antimicrobial and anticonvulsant agentsSrivastava, S D; Rawat, T RIJC-B Vol.38B(05) [May 1999]623-627
Synthesis of new carbazolyl-thiadiazol-2-oxo-azetidines : Antimicrobial, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory agentsSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S; Srivastava, S DIJC-B Vol.38B(02) [February 1999]183-187
Synthesis of New Series of Heterocyclic Thiazolidin-Erylidins and Thiadiazolyl-Azitidins : Bioactive MoleculesSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S D; Srivastava, SomyaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]64-66
Synthesis of Some New 1-[5'-{(2-benzothiazolylthio)methyl}-1', 3', 4'-thiadiazol-2'-yl]-4-substituted-3-chloro-2-azetidinones : Antimicrobial AgentGuru, Niharika; Srivastava, S DJSIR Vol.60(07) [July 2001]601-605
Synthesis of some new 5-[2-{(1,2,3-benzotriazole)- 1- yl-methyl}- 1'-(4'-substituted aryl-3'-chloro-2'-oxo azetidine)]-amino-1,3,4- thiadiazoles:Antifungal and antibacterial agentsShukla, D K; Srivastava, S DIJCB Vol.47B(3) [March 2008]463-469
Synthesis, antimicrobial and antiinflammatory activities of 4-oxothiazolidines and their 5-arylidenesYadav, R; Srivastava, S D; Srivastava, S KIJC-B Vol.44B(06) [June 2005]1262-1266