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Adsorption and reactivity of thiophene on promoted molybdena and tungsta systemsAlias, M O; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.29A(07) [July 1990]624-630
Amino acids differentially regulate insulin receptor tyrosine kinase and phosphatidyl inositol-3-OH-kinase activities in human monocytes exposed to high glucose concentrationSrinivasan, V; Rajesh, M; Sulochana, K N; Indra, C; Ramakrishnan, SIJBB Vol.42(1) [February 2005]13-18
Decomposition of Isopropyl Alcohol on Oxidised Intermetallic Compound LaNi5Kumar, M P Sridhar; Viswanathan, B; Swamy, C S; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.28A(01) [January 1989]19-22
Electrical Conductivity Measurements in the Lower Stratosphere over PoonaSrivastava, G P; Srinivasan, V; De, A KIJRSP Vol.05(4) [December 1976]324-326
Infrared and thermal studies in methylammonium trichloromercurate (II) single crystalsAmirthaganesan, G; Kandhaswamy, M A; Srinivasan, VIJPAP Vol.41(10) [October 2003]775-779
Magnetic properties of nickel molybdena hydrodesulfurisation catalystsAlias, M O; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.29A(02) [February 1990]104-107
Molybdena Dispersion in Nickel Promoted Molybdena Hydrodesulfurisation CatalystsAlias, M O; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]286-289
n-Butylamine and 1-butene adsorption on molybdena and tungsta hydrodesulfurisation catalysts promoted by nickel and cobaltAlias, M O; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.29A(06) [June 1990]515-521
Role of Adsorbed Oxygen Species in Kinetics of Catalytic Decomposition of Nitrous OxideRaj, S Louis; Viswanathan, B; Srinivasan, VIJC-A Vol.21A(07) [July 1982]689-693
Growth of AM fungion in vitro root organ culture of Sorghum vulgare and Saccharum, officinarum Raman, N; Sahadevan, C; Srinivasan, VIJEB Vol.39(12) [December 2001]1293-1298
Laser Raman spectroscopic studies of order-disorder phase transitions in Na3BaCl5.2H2O crystals Swamy, M A Kandha; Srinivasan, V; Venkateswaran, Sugandhi; Thomas, Susy; Karanjikar, N PIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]650-653