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Agricultural solid waste for the removal of inorganics: Adsorption of mercury(II) from aqueous solution by Tamarind nut carbonRamadevi, A; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.12(4) [July 2005]407-412
Background Subtraction Techniques for Human body segmentation in Indoor video surveillanceSrinivasan, K; Porkumaran, K; Sainarayanan, GJSIR Vol.73(05) [May 2014]342-345
Hexavalent chromium removal by gingelly oil cake carbon activated with zinc chlorideNagashanmugam, K B; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.18(5) [September 2011]391-402
Making artificial honey using yeast cells from salivary glands of honey beesKathiresan, K; Srinivasan, KIJEB Vol.43(07) [July 2005]664-666
Phosphorylated tamarind nut carbon for the removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solutionsSuganthi, N; Srinivasan, KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]382-388
Removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution by chemically modified gingelly oil cake carbonNagashanmugam, K B; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.18(3) [May 2011]207-219
Removal of Ni(II) from water and wastewater using modified Duolite XAD-761 resinTharanitharan, V; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.16(3) [May 2009]245-253
Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by using dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate-EDTA modified Amberlite XAD-7HP resinTharanitharan, V; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.16(5) [September 2009]417-425
Short range weather forecasting in a valley using a mesoscale modelSrinivasan, K; Ramanathan, NIJRSP Vol.26(4) [August 1997]181-195
Equilibrium and kinetic studies on Ni(II) removal from aqueous solution by Citrus Limettioides peel and its carbon adsorbentSudha, R; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.22(3-4) [May-July 2015]126-134
Uptake of toxic metals from wastewater by activated carbon from agro industrial by-productHema, M; Srinivasan, KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]373-381