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Complexes of Dichlorobis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) with Dithizones & S-MethyldithizoneSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(02) [February 1985]115-117
Coordination Compounds of Titanium(IV), Zirconium(IV) & Hafnium(IV) with 1,3- DiphenylthioureaGaur, G; Singh, Y; Singh, B; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]968-969
Experimental pathogenicity evaluation of Mycoplasma canadense from bovine mastitis in vitro and in vivo laboratory modelsGarg, D N; Singh, Y; Yadav, R; Mahajan, S KIJEB Vol.42(02) [February 2004]152-156
Isolation of Mycoplasma bovoculi from genitally diseased bovines and its experimental pathogenicity in pregnant guinea pigsSingh, Y; Garg, D N; Kapoor, P K; Mahajan, S KIJEB Vol.42(09) [September 2004]933-936
Preparation of three-component conducting polymer composite using nucleate doping techniqueSrivastava, Niharika; Singh, Y; Singh, R AIJEMS Vol.20(1) [February 2013]68-72
Reactions of Dichlorobis(methylcyclo-pentadienyl)titanium(IV) with MercaptoacetamidesSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]771-773
Syntheses & Characterization of Titanium(IV) Compounds with 1,5-DiarylthiocarbazonesSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]972-974
Synthesis and termiticidal activity of pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives: N1-nicotinoyl-4′ - (sulpha/substituted phenylazo)-1,2-diazole-4,6-dimethyl pyrimidine-5-oneSingh, Y; Nayal, S S; Rawat, B S; Pal, MaheshIJC-B Vol.41B(05) [May 2002]1056-1060
Synthesis, crystal structure, spectroscopic and superoxide dismutase activity of copper(II) and nickel(II) complex of N '-[phenyl(pyridin-2-yl)methylidene]benzohydrazonePatel, R N; Sondhiya, Vishnu P; Patel, Dinesh K; Shukla, K K; Singh, YIJC-A Vol.51A(12) [December 2012]1695-1700