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An analytical approach to estimate atomic oxygen density from greenline dayglow emission in thermosphere at 250 kmThirupathaiah, P; Singh, Vir; Krishna, M V SunilIJRSP Vol.42(4) [August 2013]219-228
Close electric fields due to lightning above a finitely conducting groundKumar, Rajesh; Rai, Jagdish; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.21(5) [October 1992]286-293
Correction to daytime mesospheric atomic oxygen density in MSIS-90 obtained from WINDII measurements of O(1S) dayglow emissionsUpadhayaya, Arun Kr; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.31(1) [February 2002]28-33
Effect of solar activity on 8446 Å and 7320 Å airglow emissionsKrishna, M V Sunil; Singh, VirBVAAP Vol.18(2) [December 2010]178-180
Effect of temperature dependent rate coefficient of reaction N2(A3 Ʃ+u ) + O on proton heating efficiency in auroral regionSingh, Vir; Krishna, M V SunilIJRSP Vol.38(2) [April 2009]71-73
Heating of ambient electrons in thermosphere under varying solar activity conditionsKrishna, M V Sunil; Kaur, Sandeep; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.40(3) [June 2011]130-136
Latitudinal and diurnal variations of some important atomic oxygen dayglow emissionsUpadhayaya, Arun Kr; Singh, Vir; Tyagi, SatishIJRSP Vol.35(5) [October 2006]327-334
Lienard-Wiechert potentials applied to the close electric fields due to lightning return stroke above a finitely conducting earthSharma, D K; Kumar, Rajesh; Singh, Vir; Rai, JIJRSP Vol.29(5) [October 2000]309-313
Model calculations of the OI 844.6 nm emission in evening twilightSingh, VirIJRSP Vol.21(6) [December 1992]370-373
Proton energy deposition and EUV emission in the Jovian and the Saturnian atmospheresSingh, VirIJRSP Vol.20(2) [April 1991]140-149
Proton Loss Function in Atomic OxygenSingh, Vir; Dwivedi, B NIJRSP Vol.09(4) [August 1980]127-129
Reaction of N(2D) with O2: Not a major source of O(1D) atoms in auroraeSingh, VirIJRSP Vol.20(1) [February 1991]76-77
Secondary Electrons in Proton-induced Polar Cap auroraSingh, Vir; Singhal, R PIJRSP Vol.07(1) [February 1978]36-38
An updated model of O+(2P) 7320 Å dayglow emissionThirupathaiah, P; Dharwan, Maneesha; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.44(1) [March 2015]7-13
Study of O+(2P-2D) 732.0 nm dayglow emission under geomagnetic storm conditionsDharwan, Maneesha; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]167-176
Re-examination of reaction of N(2D) with O2 as a source of O(1D) in dayglow emissionTyagi, Satish; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.29(5) [October 2000]291-297
Study of Hydrogen Balmer Emissions in Proton AuroraSrivastava, V; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.14(6) [December 1985]147-150
Study of O(1 S) dayglow emission near equatorial latitudesSingh, Vir; Tyagi, SatishIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]36-39
Testing of Solar2000 EUV flux model in 900-1350 Å wavelength range using greenline dayglow emissionKrishna, M V Sunil; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.38(1) [February 2009]37-41
Thermodynamic parameters of antifungal 3,4,5-trimethoxy benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazoneYadav, B S; Kumar, Vipin; Singh, Vir; Semwal, B SIJPAP Vol.37(01) [January 1999]34-41