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Application of nitrogen as preventive and controlling subsurface fire – Indian contextMohalik, N K; Singh, R V K; Pandey, J; Singh, V KJSIR Vol.64(03) [March 2005]273-280
Comparative Evaluation of Peroxidation of Sesame and Cottonseed Oil Induced by Different Methods of HeatingShanmugasundaram, B; Singh, V K; Shrestha, S; Sarkar, S K; Jeevaratnam, K; Koner, B CJSIR Vol.78(03) [March 2019]162-165
Design construction and testing of high voltage (HV) flameproof electric motors for hydrogen explosive atmosphere (IIC) case studiesMishra, R K; Kumar, Arvind; Kumar, N; Singh, A K; Singh, V KJSIR Vol.64(03) [March 2005]185-190
Different Forms of Off Diagonal Matrix Elements in IOC-ω Formalism: A Comparative StudySingh, V K; Gupta, D K; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.24A(02) [February 1985]131-133
Effect of acidic water on physico-mechanical behaviour of rockSingh, T N; Singh, S K; Mishra, A; Singh, P K; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.06(2) [April 1999]66-72
Effect of confined and unconfined stress on jointed rocksSingh, T N; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.06(4) [August 1999]198-205
Effect of HPMC on the properties of cementSingh, N K; Mishra, P C; Singh, V K; Narang, K KIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]112-117
Genetic variability among sheep breeds by random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCRKumar, S; Kolte, A P; Yadav, B R; Kumar, Sushil; Arora, A L; Singh, V KIJBT Vol.7(4) [October 2008]482-486
Investigations on sensing properties of tapered photonic crystal fiber refractive index sensorPathak, A K; Singh, V KIJPAP Vol.56(05) [May 2018]373-378
Purification and characterization of Mn-peroxidase from Musa paradisiaca (banana) stem juiceYadav, Pratibha; Singh, V K; Yadav, Meera; Singh, Sunil Kumar; Yadava, Sudha; Yadav, K D SIJBB Vol.49(1) [February 2012]42-48
Rechargeable iodine batteries based on charge transfer materials having mixed conductionSingh, Ram Adhar; Rao, O S; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.03(1) [February 1996]23-30
Rechargeable organic batteries based on charge-transfer materials-II: Compositional dependence and charge-discharge characteristics of aromatic diamine-iodine systemsSingh, V K; Rao, O S; Singh, R AIJEMS Vol.03(5) [October 1996]201-206
Slope stability study for optimum design of an opencast projectSingh, V KJSIR Vol.65(01) [January 2006]47-56
Synthesis and antiviral activity of furobenzopyronesPandey, V K; Singh, V K; Tandon, M; Joshi, M N; Bajpai, S KIJC-B Vol.43B(08) [August 2004]1770-1773
Synthesis, antibacterial and antifungal activity of some new pyrido quinazolonesSingh, V K; Pandey, V KIJC-B Vol.45B(12) December 2006]2745-2748
Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of 1,3,4-substituted 2-azetidinonesPandey, V K; Gupta, V D; Upadhyay, Mrinalini; Upadhyay, Mridula; Singh, V K; Tandon, MeenalIJC-B Vol.44B(01) [January 2005]158-162
Twinning in Marwari and Bharat Merino ewes and its relationship with Booroola FecB mutationKumar, S; Kolte, Atul P; Singh, V KIJBT Vol.5(4) [October 2006]482-485