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Deformation characterization of cartridge brassVerma, Arun Kumar; Shingweker, A; Nihichlani, M; Singh, V; Mukhopadhyay, PrantikIJEMS Vol.20(4) [August 2013]283-288
Far-field Reflector Patterns at Reduced Ranges with Defocussed Electric Dipole FeedSingh, V; Dey, K KIJRSP Vol.08(4) [August 1979]152-159
Generation of VLF hiss and chorus in Jupiter’s magnetosphereSingh, VIJRSP Vol.20(6) [December 1991]438-443
Intensity Variations of WhistlersSingh, V; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]143-150
Optical studies of insulating polymers for radiation dose monitoringSrivastava, A; Singh, V; Aggarwal, P; Schneeweiss, F; Scherer, U W; Friedrich, WIJPAP Vol.48(11) [November 2010]782-786
Phytoplankton assemblage and UV-protective compounds in the river GangesAhmed, H; Pathak, J; Singh, D K; Pandey, A; Rajneesh; Singh, V; Kumar, D; Singh, P R; Sinha, R PIJTK Vol.20(1) [January 2021]191-203
Projectile multifragmentation study in the interaction of 84Kr with nuclear emulsion detector at relativistic energySingh, U; Singh, M K; Singh, VIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]368-370
Propagation of whistler waves and their instability in the magenetosphereSingh, V; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.18(2) [April 1989]37-43
Quantification and polymer characterization of sediment microplastics along the Golden beach, Puri, IndiaSingh, V; Chakraborty, S; Chaudhuri, PIJMS Vol.50(07) [July 2021]574-584
Study of compositional and diffusion effect in CdxZn1-xS sintered filmsSingh, V; Kumar, VipinIJEMS Vol.04(4) [August 1997]163-165
Thermally stimulated conductivity and evaluation of some parameters of CaS:Pr phosphorsDubey, R. N.; Awasthi, O N; Singh, V; Tiwari, MIJPAP Vol.40(01) [January 2002]54-58
Wear behaviour of titanium alloy GTM-900 under dry slidingPathak, J P; Mohan, S; Singh, VIJEMS Vol.09(5) [October 2002]351-358