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Crystal & Molecular Structure of Calcium (picrate)2-Tetraethylene Glycol MonohydrateSingh, T P; Reinhardt, R; Poonia, N SIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]976-982
Crystal & Molecular Structure of SulfamethoxypyridazineHaridas, M; Singh, T PIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]707-713
Crystal structure of human seminal diferric lactoferrin at 3.4 Å resolutionKumar, Janesh; Weber, Wolfgang; Münchau, Sabine; Yadav, Savita; Singh, S Bhaskar; Saravanan, K; Paramasivam, M; Sharma, Sujata; Kaur, Punit; Bhushan, A; Srinivasan, A; Betzel, Christian; Singh, T PIJBB Vol.40(1) [February 2003]14-21
Effect of storage on properties of pine needle cattle dung briquettesKaur, Lovepreet; Singh, Harpreet; Sharma, Hemant Kumar; Singh, T P; Singh, JayantIJEMS Vol.28(6) [December 2021]591-601
Enhancement of catalytic activity of enzymes by heating in anhydrous organic solvents: 3D structure of a modified serine proteinase at high resolutionSharma, Sujata; Tyagi, Renu; Gupta, M N; Singh, T PIJBB Vol.38(1-2) [February-April 2001]34-41
Enhancing the Abrasive Wear Resistance of Rotary Blade Material (AISI 30MnCrB4) by Cryogenic TreatmentSingh, T P; Singh, J; Singh, KJSIR Vol.77(02) [February 2018]92-97
Evaluation of wheat accessions for morpho-physiological traits under normal and late planting conditionsSingh, T P; Phogat, B S; Singh, Mohar; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Jasvir; Dutta, MBVAAP Vol.21(2) [December 2013]150-154
Mercury induced modifications in the stereochemistry of the active site through Cys-73 in a serine protease - Crystal structure of the complex of a partially modified proteinase K with mercury at 1.8 Å resolutionGourinath, S; Degenhardt, M; Eschenburg, S; Moore, K; Delucas, L J; Betzel, Ch; Singh, T PIJBB Vol.38(5) [October 2001]298-302
Multi-objective parametric optimization using the Grey-Taguchi approach for powder mixed electric discharge machining of grade-II titanium alloy with cryogenically treated electrodesKumar, Sanjeev; Singh, Rupinder; Batish, Ajay; Singh, T PIJEMS Vol.24(5) [October 2017]339-350
Three-dimensional structure of a new form of mare lactoferrin in 70% PEG 400 at 3.8 Å resolutionKumar, S; Sharma, A K; Paramasivam, M; Srinivasan, A; Singh, T PIJBB Vol.38(3) [June 2001]135-141