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Desulphurization study of Assam coking coal by sodium hydroxide leachingKumar, M; Singh, A K; Singh, T NIJEMS Vol.03(4) [August 1996]171-173
Effect of acidic environment on slake durability of iron ore — An experimental approachSingh, T N; Madhusudhan, N; Monjezi, MIJEMS Vol.08(3) [June 2001]182-184
Effect of acidic water on physico-mechanical behaviour of rockSingh, T N; Singh, S K; Mishra, A; Singh, P K; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.06(2) [April 1999]66-72
Effect of confined and unconfined stress on jointed rocksSingh, T N; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.06(4) [August 1999]198-205
Effect of uniaxial cyclic compression on the mechanical behavior of rocksSingh, T N; Ray, S K; Singh, D PIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]118-120
Influence of pH of Water on Mechanical Properties of Sandstone— An Experimental ApproachDubey, R K; Singh, T NJSIR Vol.59(07) [July 2000]583-586
Influence of strain rate and cyclic compression on physico-mechanical behaviour of rockSingh, T N; Naidu, A SureshIJEMS Vol.08(1) [February 2001]8-12
A Method for Depillaring of Thick Seams Standing on Pillars with Cable Bolt SupportSingh, T N; Dubey, B K; Mandal, P KJSIR Vol.58(06) [June 1999]422-430
A new predictor for ground vibration prediction and its comparison with other predictorsRai, Rajesh; Singh, T NIJEMS Vol.11(3) [June 2004]178-184
On the instability problems in South Hlimen landslide, MizoramKumar, Shiva; Singh, T N; Sawmliana, CIJEMS Vol.04(2) [April 1997]78-80
Prediction of p-wave velocity and anisotropic property of rock using artificial neural network techniqueSingh, T N; Kanchan, R; Saigal, K; Verma, A KJSIR Vol.63(01) [January 2004]32-38
Prediction of mine water quality by physical parametersKhandelwal, Manoj; Singh, T NJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]564-570
Shear behaviour of jointed rockmass of sandstone quarry, Mizoram state, IndiaSingh, T N; Monjezi, M; Sawmliana, C; Kumar, SIJEMS Vol.08(2) [April 2001]66-70
Study of Transmission Velocity of Primary Wave (P-wave) in Coal Measure SandstoneSingh, T N; Dubey, R KJSIR Vol.59(06) [June 2000]482-486