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Bis(fluorosulphuryl)imide derivatives of zinc(II), cadmium(II), mercury(II) and their coordination complexes with oxygen and nitrogen donorsSingh, Sukhjinder; Vij, Ashwani; Lal, Mohan; Verma, R DIJC-A Vol.28A(10) [October 1989]890-892
Formation & Characterization of Mixed-metal Compounds of Dioxouraniuml'Vl) with Bivalent Metal IonsKapoor, Indu; Singh, Sukhjinder; Verma, Rajendar DIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]92-93
A Modified Method for the Electrolytic Preparation of Bis(fluorosulphuryl) PeroxideSingh, Sukhjinder; Verma, Rajendar DIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]51-53
Nature of Tris(fiuorosulphato)bismuth(III) & Chlorobis(fiuorosulphato)bismuth (III)Paul, Ram Chand; Singh, Sukhjinder; Kumar, R. C.; Sharma, R. D.; Verma, R. D.IJC-A Vol.17A(03) [March 1979]273-275
Preparation and characterisation of diarylselenium (IV) trifluoroethoxidesKhajuria, Rajesh; Singh, Sukhjinder; Bhasin, K K; Verma, R DIJC-A Vol.29A(07) [July 1990]710-712
Preparation and characterisation of some diaryltellurium trihaloacetatesSandhu, Arun; Singh, Sukhjinder; Bhasin, K K; Verma, R DIJC-A Vol.28A(06) [June 1989]528-530
Some New ChlorosulphatesSingh, Sukhjinder; Maninder; Verma, Rajendar DIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]1038-1040
A study on economic analysis of Asiatic hybrid lily cultivation in Himachal PradeshSingh, M K; Singh, Sukhjinder; Ram, RajaBVAAP Vol.16(1) [June 2008]47-53
Trifluoromethanesulphonates of Antimony(III) & Bismuth(III)Singh, Sukhjinder; Amita; Verma, Rajendar DIJC-A Vol.22A(09) [September 1983]814-815
Zirconium(IV) and thorium (IV) bis(fluorosulphuryl)imides: Preparation and characterizationVij, Ashwani; Singh, Sukhjinder; Kaur, Gurmeen; Verma, R DIJC-A Vol.32A(03) [March 1993]232-235