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Are traditional marketing channels of kinnow really bad?Yogi, V; Kumar, P; Prakash, P; Kar, A; Singh, D R; Singh, R; Arya, P; Awasthi, O PIJTK Vol.19(4) [October 2020]846-860
Ayurvedic paradigm for COVID-19 prophylaxis and management strategiesKumar, A; Rai, A K; Chiluveri, A C; Chiluveri, S K; Londhe, D; Singh, R; Kumar, S; Goel, SIJTK Vol.19(Spl) [December 2020]25-36
Biochemical variability of eggplant peel among Indian cultivarsYadav, Vinod Kumar; Singh, R; Jha, Radha Krishana; Kaushik, PrashantIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]634-637
Cellulase-assisted refining optimization for saving electrical energy demand and pulp quality evaluationSingh, R; Bhardwaj, N K; Choudhury, BJSIR Vol.74(08) [August 2015]471-475
Classification of rain rate regions for propagation applicationsCalla, O P N; Singh, R; Barathy, S; Radhakrishnan, M KIJRSP Vol.18(3) [June 1989]108-112
Development of a large area telescopic detector system for elastic and transfer reaction angular distribution measurementsKalita, K; Jhingan, A; Barua, S; Das, J J; Varughese, T; Sugathan, P; Madhavan, N; Nath, S; Verma, S; Singh, RIJPAP Vol.43(08) [August 2005]567-572
Development of low energy radioactive ion beam facility at NSCDas, J J; Sugathan, P; Madhavan, N; Varughese, T; Rao, P V Madhusudhana; Zacharia, Jimson; Jhingan, Akhil; Nath, Subir; Sinha, A K; Singh, RIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]20-24
Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Ag/n-Si Schottky diodeSingh, R; Arora, S K; Singh, J P; Singh, F; Kanjilal, DIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]298-302
Indigenous method of rat proof grain storage by Adi tribes of Arunachal PradeshSarangi, SK; Singh, R; Singh, KAIJTK Vol.8(2) [April 2009]230-233
Ion beam induced mass transport and correlated structure formation on semiconductor surfacesSingh, J P; Mishra, N C; Singh, R; Singh, F; Ganesan, V; Kanjilal, DIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]310-319
Kinetics and mechanism of heterogeneous cadmium sulphide and homogeneous manganese(II) catalysed oxidation of sulphur(IV) by dioxygen in acetate buffered mediumManoj, S V; Singh, R; Sharma, M; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]507-521
A Novel Investigative trade-off Analysis of various Undi Methyl Ester blends with n-butanol Additive in a Prechamber Engine at Varying LoadsDebnath, R; Singh, R; Sastry, GRK; Rai, RNJSIR Vol.78(06) [June 2019]376-381
Optical study and synthesis of porous silicon nanostructuresTyagi, Amit; Singh, R; Bansal, M K; Soni, R KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]312-314
Optimization and Prediction of Cutting Parameters in the End Milling Process for Cast Aluminium B4C Based CompositeSingh, R; Shadab, M; Rai, R NJSIR Vol.78(03) [March 2019]166-172
Poly Vinyl Chloride Waste Projection using Life Expectancy of ProductsPant, D; Singh, RJSIR Vol.76(10) [October 2017]666-669
Role of Cu additive in the density of localized states in a-Ge₂₀Se₈₀ glassy alloySingh, R; Tripathi, S K; Kumar, SIJPAP Vol.46(1) [January 2008]38-41
Some trans-Cinnamic & Dihydrocinnamic Acid Derivatives of Aluminium(III) & Titanium(IV)Singh, R; Narula, A K; Kapoor, R N; Kapoor, P NIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]156-158
Tribological evaluation of N-phenylformamidino-N`-alkylthiocarbamides and their Mo-S complexes as EP lubricant additivesTripathi, A K; Bhattacharya, A; Singh, R; Prasad, N; Verma, V KIJEMS Vol.06(4) [August 1999]206-212
Tribology and tribochemistry of oil soluble methylene-bis-[dialkyl/alkylaryl-dithiocarbamates] as potential EP additivesVerma, V K; Singh, R; Srivastava, Vandana; Singh, P KIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]209-212
Study the Effect of Machining Process Parameters on Die-Sinking EDM for Al5083/B4C CompositeSingh, R; Debnath, R; Rai, R NJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]615-619