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Evaluation of goat based ‘Indigenous vaccine’ against Bovine Johne’s Disease in endemically infected native cattle herdsSingh, Shoor Vir; Singh, Pravin Kumar; Kumar, Naveen; Gupta, Saurabh; Chaubey, Kundan KumarIJEB Vol.53(01) [January 2015]16-24
Investigation on the effect of auxiliary vibrations on microstructure and mechanical properties of SMAW butt welded jointsSingh, Pravin Kumar; Patel, D; Prasad, Shashi BIJEMS Vol.25(2) [April 2018]155-162
NMR and thermal studies of N-acryloylcarbazole/methacrylonitrile copolymersBrar, A S; Singh, Pravin KumarIJC-A Vol.45A(07) [July 2006]1605-1610
Early detection of multidrug resistant (MDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a single tube with in-house designed fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) probes using real-time PCRChauhan, Devendra Singh; Sharma, Rahul; Parashar, Deepti; Sharma, Pragya; Das, Ram; Chahar, Madhvi; Singh, Ajay Vir; Singh, Pravin Kumar; Katoch, Kiran; Katoch, Vishwa MohanIJEB Vol.54(04) [April 2016]229-236
Single nucleotide polymorphism of SLC11A1, CARD15, IFNG and TLR2 genes and their association with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in native Indian cattle populationSadana, Tarun; Singh, Ran Vir; Singh, Shoor Vir; Saxena, Vishesh Kumar; Sharma, Deepak; Singh, Pravin Kumar; Kumar, Naveen; Gupta, Saurabh; Chaubey, Kundan Kumar; Jayaraman, Sujata; Tiwari, Ruchi; Dhama, Kuldeep; Bhatia, Ashok Kumar; Sohal, Jagdip SinghIJBT Vol.14(4) [October 2015]469-475
Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-acryloylcarbazole)Brar, A S; Singh, Pravin KumarIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]581-586