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Bimetallic Thiocyanate & Selenocyanate Complexes of Co (II), Ni(II), Cu(I) & Ag(l)Singh, P. P.; Yadav, D. D. S.IJC-A Vol.18A(05) [November 1979]432-435
Complexes of Co (II), Ni(lI) & Fe (II) Halides, Nitrates & Perchlorates with Heterocyclic LigandsSingh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.; Seth, J. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(10) [October 1976]812-813
Complexes of Co(II) & Ni(II) Tetraselenocyanates with Ethylenediamine & TriethylenetetramineSingh, P. P.; Srivastava, A. K.; Sharma, S. B.IJC-A Vol.14A(09) [September 1976]714-716
Complexes of Fe(NCX)2Hg (XCN)2 (X=S or Se)Singh, P. P.; Srivastava, Sharad KumarIJC-A Vol.18A(05) [November 1979]448-449
Complexes of Lewis Bases with Zn (II), Cd (II), Hg (II), Fe (II), Pd(II), Co(II), Ni(II) & Cu(II) Thiocyanates & CyanatesSingh, P. P.; Shukla, U. P.; Seth, J. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(09) [September 1976]684-687
Excess Enthalpies of Mixing of Aniline + Isomeric Xylenes & Barker's Theory of Associated MixturesNigam, R. K.; Singh, P. P.; Singh, M.; Singh, K. C.IJC-A Vol.19A(03) [March 1980]192-194
Excess Volumes, Excess Enthalpies & Excess Free Energies of Mixing for Binary Mixtures of Nitromethane with Benzene, Toluene, o-Xylene, m-Xylene & p-XyleneNigam, R. K.; Singh, P. P.; Mishra, Ruchi; Singh, MohanIJC-A Vol.18A(06) [December 1979]492-494
Mixed Thiocyanate Complexes of Nickel(II) & M(I); M(I) = Cu(I) or TI(I)Singh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.; Verma, R. C.; Yadav, D. D. S.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]994-997
Quantitative Values of Softness & Structure of Bimetallic Tetrathiocyanate, Tetraselenocyanate & Dithiodiselenocyanate ComplexesSingh, P. P.; Gupta, A. K.; Agarwal, O. P.IJC-A Vol.19A(06) [June 1980]558-562
Structural Studies on the Complexes of the Type MM”(NCS)4.xL [M= Co(II), Ni(II); M” = Zn(II), Cd(II), Hg(II) & L= Morpholine & Piperidine]Singh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.; Wadhwani, R.IJC-A Vol.20A(02) [February 1981]139-141
Studies on 2-Thiazolidinethione, 2,4-Thiazolidinedione & 2-Imidazolidinethione Complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cd(II) & Zn(II) ThiocyanatesSingh, P. P.; Agrawal, O. P.; Singh, M. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(12) [December 1977]1045-1047
Studies on Potassium Hexaisothiocyanato-stannate(IV) & -titanate(IV) & Their Complexes with Dimethylselenourea & PyridineSingh, P. P.; Gupta, A. K.IJC-A Vol.14A(09) [September 1976]688-691
Studies on Thiocyanate & Cyanate Complexes of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II), Hg(II) & Pd(II)Singh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.IJC-A Vol.14A(03) [March 1976]176-178
Synthesis & Structural Studies of Coordination Position Isomers of Co(II) & Their Adducts with Some Lewis BasesSingh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.; Khan, M. U.IJC-A Vol.20A(10) [October 1981]1023-1025
Trinuclear Mixed Thiocyanato Selenocyanato Complexes of Cobalt(II) & Thallium(I)Singh, P. P.; Verma, R. C.; Singh, G. S.IJC-A Vol.21A(04) [April 1982]431-433