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Characterization of Lignin Peroxidase from Paecilomyces Species for Decolorisation of Pulp and Paper Mill EffluentSingh, P; Jain, P; Verma, R; Jagadish, R SJSIR Vol.75(08) [August 2016]500-505
Diarylspiro[2.4]heptenes as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors: A quantitative structure-activity relationship analysisKumar, R; Singh, PIJC-B Vol.36B(12) December 1997]1164-1168
Folded tandem ion accelerator facility at BARCSingh, PIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]4-14
Generation of Electricity Using Non Mediated Microbial Fuel Cell by Utilizing Different Types of WastewaterSingh, P; Srivastava, A; Srivastava, NJSIR Vol.76(08) [August 2017]512-514
Ionic transport in sodium phosphate glasses doped with chlorides of Co, Cd and AgDas, S S; Srivastava, Vibha; Singh, PIJEMS Vol.13(5) [October 2006]455-461
Light regulation of nitrate reductase gene expression and enzyme activity in the leaves of mulberryArora, V; Ghosh, MK; Singh, P; Gangopadhyay, GIJBB Vol.55(1) [February 2018]62-66
Molecular descriptors in modeling of TNF-α converting enzyme (TACE) inhibition activity of 2-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)pyrrolidine-based tartrate diamidesSingh, PIJC-B Vol.52B(10) [October 2013]1325-1341
A note on indigenous technical knowledge in Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti districts of Himachal PradeshSwangla, S; Sangeetha, V; Singh, P; Burman, R R; Satyapriya; Venkatesh, P; Bhowmick, A; Singh, TIJTK Vol.20(2) [April 2021]520-531
Optimization of 1 MeV RFQ accelerator parameters for 9Be(d,n)10B based pulsed neutron sourceSingh, A K; Baskaran, R; Selvakumaran, T S; Rao Sista, V L S; Singh, PIJPAP Vol.49(01) [January 2011]13-20
Quantitative structure-activity relationship study of orally active cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors of derivatives of 3-phenoxypyran-4-oneShekhawat, Manju; Singh, P; Kumar, RIJBB Vol.44(1) [February 2007]50-55
Quantitative structure-activity relationship study on N-(pyridin-4-yl)-(indol-3-yl) alkylamides as antiallergic agentsSingh, P; Sharma, B K; Kumar, RIJBB Vol.39(5) [October 2002]351-355
Removal of arsenic ions and bacteriological contamination from aqueous solutions using chitosan nanospheresSingh, P; Bajpai, J; Bajpai, A K; Shrivastava, R BIJCT Vol.18(5) [September 2011]403-413
Role of beam dynamics studies for accelerator safetySingh, P; Rao, S V L S; Pande, RajniIJPAP Vol.50(07) [July 2012]439-441
Studies of inorganic precipitate membrane: Evaluation of membrane selectivity from bi-ionic potential and conductivity measurementsKushwah, R S; Ansari, Mohd Ayub; Akhtar, Naheed; Singh, PIJC-A Vol.31A(07) [July 1992]439-442
Study of depression of critical temperature of praseodymium doped high Tc cupratesGill, R; Singh, PIJPAP Vol.43(12) [December 2005]977-979
Study of thermoelastic properties of liquid tolueneChauhan, R S; Singh, P; Singh, C PIJPAP Vol.49(08) [August 2011]535-538
Sub chronic oral toxicity study of Janma Ghunti Honey in Wistar ratsKumar, S; Singh, P; Rai, R K; Gupta, A; Sastry, J L NIJTK Vol.20(3) [July 2021]660-670
Synthesis and characterization of some diphenylcyclopentadienyltin carboxylatesSrivastava, PC; Singh, PIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1228-1229
Synthesis and characterization of some diphenylcyclopentadienyltin carboxylatesSrivastava, PC; Singh, PIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1230-1232
Topical immunization: Mechanistic insight and novel delivery systemsGupta, Prem N; Singh, P; Mishra, V; Jain, Sanyog; Dubey, P K; Vyas, S PIJBT Vol.3(1) [January 2004]9-21