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Cyclocondensation of cyanoketene dithioacetal with 2-aminopyridine: Synthesis of pyrido [1, 2-a]pyrimidinesSingh, Okram Mukherjee; Ahmed, Mohd FarooqueIJC-B Vol.43B(07) [July 2004]1561-1564
Facile synthesis of spiro-fused heterocyles by multicomponent reactions under solvent-free conditionsDevi, Laishram Ronibala; Singh, Okram MukherjeeIJC-B Vol.51B(09) [September 2012]1426-1429
Metathesis catalysts: Historical perspective, recent developments and practical applicationsSingh, Okram MukherjeeJSIR Vol.65(12) [December 2006]957-965
Phytochemical and pharmacological profile of Zanthoxylum armatum DC. - An overviewSingh, Thokchom Prasanta; Singh, Okram MukherjeeIJNPR Vol.2(3) [September 2011]275-285
Phytochemistry of Solanum xanthocarpum: an amazing traditional healerSingh, Okram Mukherjee; Singh, Thokchom PrasantaJSIR Vol.69(10) [October 2010]732-740
Reaction of ɑ-bis(methylthio)methylene cyclopropyl ketones with guanidine: Synthesis of 2-amino-4-alkoxy-6-(ary1cyclopropyl)pyrimidinesSingh, Okram Mukherjee; Ila, H; Junjappa, HIJC-B Vol.36B(12) December 1997]1123-1125
Synthesis of chromene-2-thiones and in vitro evaluation of their antifungal and antibacterial activities Devi, Nepram Sushuma; Singh, Thokchom Prasanta; Khumanthem, Nonibala; Singh, Okram MukherjeeIJC-B Vol.52B(09) [September 2013]1224-1231
Synthesis of novel 3-cyano-4-methylthio-6-(arylcyclopropyl)-3-(1H)-pyridones and 5(3)-methylthio-3(5)-(arylcyclopro-pyl)pyrazolesSingh, Okram Mukherjee; Junjappa, H; Ila, HIJC-B Vol.36B(11) [November 1997]1056-1058