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Anthraquinone glycoside from stem bark, fatty acids and sterols from seeds of Cassia reingeraLedwani, Lalita; Singh, MukhtarIJC-B Vol.44B(09) [September 2005]1970-1971
Apparent molar volumes of oxalic acid in wa-ter and in aqueous solutions of fructose at 293.15, 303.15, 313.15 and 323.15KGupta, Radha Rani; Singh, MukhtarIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]455-458
Densities, viscosities and excess thermodynamic properties of ternary liquid mixtures of nitrobenzene with polar and non-polar solvents at 298.15 KRathore, Poonam; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.45A(12) [December 2006]2650-2657
Densities, viscosities and thermodynamic excess properties of ternary liquid mixtures of aniline and methyl alcohol as common components and non-polar solvents at 298.15 KGoyal, Arti; Singh, MukhtarIJCA Vol.46(1) [January 2007]60-69
Densities, viscosities, viscosity deviations and excess thermodynamic properties of binary liquid mixtures of diethyl oxalate and dimethyl malonate with polar and non-polar solvents at 303.15 KDiwedi, Archana; Singh, MukhtarIJCA Vol.46(5) [May 2007]789-794
Density and viscosity of binary mixtures of n, n-dimethylformamide with aromatic hydrocarbons at 298.15K vis-a-vis molecular interactionsGupta, Prakash Chandra; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.40A(03) [March 2001]293-297
Electrochemical & Thermodynamic Behaviour of Palladium-Palladium Sulphide Electrode in Presence of Sulphide IonsKatiyar, Pravin Chandra; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.28A(01) [January 1989]177-178
Isolation and characterization of anthraquinones from the stem bark of Cassia siameaLedwani, Lalita; Singh, MukhtarIJC-B Vol.43B(10) [October 2004]2257-2258
Viscometric studies of molecular interactions in ternary liquid mixtures of ethane-1, 2-diol with some polar and non-polar solventsSingh, Surabhi; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.41A(08) [August 2002]1588-1592