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Abnormal anther development and high sporopollenin synthesis in benzotriazole treated male sterile Helianthus annuus L.Tripathi, S M; Singh, K PIJEB Vol.46(01) [January 2008]71-78
Application of Bradford’s Law on journal citations: A study of Ph.D. theses in social sciences of University of DelhiSingh, K P; BebiALIS Vol.61(2) [June 2014]112-120
Effects of yoga asanas and pranayama in non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitusMalhotra, V; Singh, S; Singh, K P; Sharma, S B; Madhu, S V; Gupta, P; Tandon, O PIJTK Vol.3(2) [April 2004]162-167
Computational interfacing of resistivity of high temperature superconductor using Visual Basic programAnsari, Intikhab A; Singh, K P; Shahabuddin, M; Husain, M; Gupta, AIJPAP Vol.43(06) [June 2005]439-445
Design and Development of Site Specific Grape Vineyard Fertilizer Applicator PrototypeJyoti, Bikram; Thorat, Deepak S; Singh, K P; Kumar, Manoj; Magar, Ajit; Parmar, Bhupendra SinghJSIR Vol.81(04) [April 2022]402-407
Dielectric properties and surface morphology of proton irradiated ferric oxalate dispersed PVC filmsShah, Sejal; Singh, Dolly; Qureshi, Anjum; Singh, N L; Singh, K P; Shrinet, VIJPAP Vol.46(6) [June 2008]439-442
Effect of phenobarbitone administration to pregnant rats on anxiety in offspringsSingh, K P; Singh, M; Jaiswal, A KIJEB Vol.37(11) [November 1999]1070-1074
Effect of single prenatal haloperidol exposure on hippocampus and striatum of developing rat brainSingh, K P; Singh, MIJEB Vol.39(03) [March 2001]223-229
Expression pattern of transcription factors during zygotic genome activation in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos produced in vitroPatel, A V; Singh, K P; Varshney, N; Chauhan, M S; Palta, P; Singla, S K; Manik, R SIJBT Vol.12(3) [July 2013]323-329
A Large Area Gas-flow Proportional Counter System for Soft X-ray AstronomySingh, K P; Manchanda, R K; Rodrigues, J; Agrawal, P C; Naranan, SIJRSP Vol.09(6) [December 1980]201-208
Novel method of fabrication of doped polyaniline nanostructuresGupta, A; Goel, S; Singh, K P; Mehrotra, R; Kandpal, H CIJC-A Vol.45A(08) [August 2006]1831-1835
Observation of Soft Diffuse X-rays in the Southern Galactic HemisphereSingh, K P; Manchanda, R K; Iyengar, V S; Naranan, S; Sreekantan, B VIJRSP Vol.10(1) [February 1981]16-19
One pot synthesis of benzopyranones and benzoxazinones catalyzed by MMOBhagi, A K; Singh, K P; Kumar, Amit; Priya; Manav, NavneetIJC Vol.61(11) [Nov 2022]1173-1179
Response of microwave scattering from crop (wheat) and crop covered soil moisture for remote sensingSingh, D; Sharan, S K; Singh, K PIJRSP Vol.30(4) [August 2001]198-204
Teratogenic effects of dilantin on thoraco-abdominal organs of developing chick embryosSingh, M; Shah, G L; Singh, K PIJEB Vol.38(10) [October 2000]1026-1030