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Downscaling of NWP based meteorological variables for potential applicationsSingh, DevendraIJRSP Vol.40(1) [February 2011]45-52
Estimation of surface vapour pressure deficits using satellite derived land surface temperature dataSingh, DevendraIJRSP Vol.39(1) [February 2010]25-31
Extraction of Cadmium Thiocyanate Complex by Tributyl Phosphate in BenzeneSingh, Devendra; Tandon, S. N.IJC-A Vol.20A(09) [September 1981]939-940
Monitoring tropical cyclone evolution with NOAA satellites microwave observationsSingh, DevendraIJRSP Vol.37(3) [June 2008]179-184
New distributional record of Obelia longissima (Pallas, 1766) from Larsemann Hills, East AntarcticaSingh, Devendra; Das, S.K.; Pande, AnantIJMS Vol.47(08) [August 2018]1692-1694
Polarizability affecting nucleation of water vapour condensation and ice glaciation in presence of external electric fieldSingh, N; Singh, DevendraIJRSP Vol.33(1) [February 2004]43-49
Retrieval of atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles from satellite data over India using the ICI inversion modelSingh, Devendra; Bhatia, R CIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]44-51
Ruthenium(III) and rhodium(I) chelates of azomethines derived from 1-(2-naphthenyl)ethanoneJadon, S C Singh; Singh, Devendra; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1107-1110
Study of temperature and moisture profiles retrieved from microwave and hyperspectral infrared sounder data over Indian regionsSingh, Devendra; Bhatia, R CIJRSP Vol.35(4) [August 2006]286-292
Study of wave-particle interaction in the disturbed magnetosphereSingh, Devendra; Singh, Shubha; Singh, R PIJRSP Vol.34(5) [October 2005]305-313