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Preparation and characterization of a novel class of chloride alkoxides of beryllium(II), magnesium(II), zinc(II), and tin(II) with niobium(V)Bhagat, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.37A(09) [September 1998]820-825
Preparation and characterization of mixed glycolate-salicylaldiminate derivatives of antimony(III)Goyal, Sunita; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1302-1306
Preparation and properties of novel heterobimetallic glycolate derivatives of titanium and zirconiumSharma, Maneesh K; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.40A(03) [March 2001]236-240
Studies on the reactions of lanthanide trichloride isopropanol complex, LnCl3.3PriOH, with Nb(OPri)5 or Al(OPri)3Mishra, Shashank; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.42A(02) [February 2003]305-308
Synthesis and characterisation of heterobimetallic N-substituted diethanolaminate-alkoxides of niobium(V)Ghadwal, Rajendra S; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.44A(12) [December 2005]2439-2444
Synthesis and characterisation of Sb₂Zn₂Cl₄ (OPri)₆, MSb₂Cl₂ (OPri)₆ (M = Be, Mg, Zn), and M₂Ti₄Cl₄(OPri)₁₆ (M = Mg, Zn)Shahani, Jayshree; Singh, AnirudhIJCA Vol.47A(1) [January 2008]55-57
Synthesis and characterisation of some heterobimetallic triethanolaminate derivatives of alkaline earth metals with niobium and tantalumSharma, Maneesh K; Sharma, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.42A(05) [May 2003]1057-1060
Synthesis and characterisation of triethanolaminates of titanium and zirconiumSharma, Maneesh K; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.40A(06) [June 2001]568-572
Synthesis and characterization of bulky aryloxides of germanium(IV) and tin(IV)Jindal, Manju (neé Goyal); Singh, AnirudhIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]228-231
Synthesis and characterization of heterobimetallic alkoxide derivatives of titanium containing triethanolaminate ligandSharma, Maneesh K; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.39A(04) [April 2000]410-414
Synthesis and characterization of heterobimetallic isopropoxides of bismuth (III)Sharma, Maneesh K; Sharma, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1226-1228
Synthesis and characterization of nonaisopropoxodizirconatotin(IV) complexesMathur, Sanjay; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.34A(06) [June 1995]454-458
Synthesis and characterization of zinc(II), cadmium(II), and magnesium(II) heterobimetallic oximatesGodhwani, Jayshree; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.36A(07) [July 1997]605-607
Synthesis and spectral [IR,1H, 13C, and 11B] properties of 2-(N-arylsalicylaldimino)- 4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1 ,3,2-dioxaborolanesGoyal, Sunita; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.40A(06) [June 2001]638-641
Synthesis and spectral characterization of some silicon(IV) aryloxidesGoyal, Manju; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.35A(11) [November 1996]1006-1008
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of new types of mixed ligand homo- and heterobimetallic derivatives of butyltin(IV)Sharma, Nandu Bala; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.45A(12) [December 2006]2638-2643
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of mixed ligand complexes of oxovanadium(V)Ghadwal, Rajendra Singh; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.45A(12) [December 2006]2644-2649
Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of some new metallatranesGhadwal, Rajendra Singh; Singh, AnirudhIJCA Vol.46(5) [May 2007]768-771
Synthesis and spectroscopic structural elucidation of five-coordinate homo- and heterometal1ic complexes of aluminium(III)Sharma, Nandu Bala; Bansal, Seema; Singh, Yash Pal; Singh, AnirudhIJC-A Vol.45A(06) [June 2006]1375-1380
Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic studies of homo- and hetero-leptic glycolates of alkaline earth metals, and tin(II) with aluminiumSharma, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram C.IJC-A Vol.38A(12) [December 1999]1209-1218