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Cryogen-free low temperature and high magnetic field apparatusKaushik, S D; Singh, Anil K; Srikala, D; Patnaik, SIJPAP Vol.46(5) [May 2008]334-338
Development of aqua-soluble compounds based on vitamin A series molecules: Synthetic transformations of β-iononeLibsu, Solomon; Singh, Anil KIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1297-1302
A fluorescence emission study of nitro- and nitromethyl-substituted 1,4-diarylbutadienes in solid stateSingh, Anil K; Kanvah, SriramIJC-B Vol.40B(10) [October 2001]965-973
Lipid constituents from Artemisia nilagtrica : A GC-MS investigationKhan, Riaz A; Gupta, Ajay K; Singh, Anil K; Agrawal, Pawan KIJC-B Vol.36B(05) [May 1997]453-455
Novel fluorescence emissions from 3-styrylindolesSingh, Anil K; Asefa, AberaIJC-B Vol.48B(11) [November 2009]1543-1547
Photochemical studies on β-ionyl hydrazoneLibsu, Solomon; Singh, Anil KIJCB Vol.46B(7) [July 2007]1133-1136
Photoreactivity of donor- acceptor ethenesSingh, Anil K; Hota, Prasanta KIJC-B Vol.42B(09) [September 2003]2048-2053
Photocontrol of -chymotrypsin activity by covalently linked 2-carboxyazobenzene unitsSingh, Anil K; Madhusudnan, Kartha SIJC-B Vol.38B(08) [August 1999]885-888
Substituent directed distal photoisomerisation of >C=C< in indolic dienyl chromophoresSingh, Anil K; Hota, Prasanta KIJC-B Vol.45B(11) [November 2006]2469-2473
Visible light-mediated amidation of aryl diazonium salts with nitriles – A novel photo-Ritter type reactionSingh, Anil K; Yadav, Vinod K; Yadav, L D SIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]140-146