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Application of Refractive Index Mixing Rules in the Analysis of Binary Liquid MixturesPandey, J D; Shukla, A K; Shukla, R K; Rai, R DIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]336-337
Assessment of Biomass Potential in Engine Emission ReductionSaraswat, Manish; Chauhan, Nathi Ram; Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Shukla, R K; Sharma, KamalJSIR Vol.79(01) [January 2020]77-80
Comparative study of compressibilities of ternary liquid systems from two liquid state model at 298.15 KShukla, R K; Kumar, Atul; Srivastava, Kirti; Yadav, ShilpiIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]726-732
Comparative study of two liquid models in the prediction of excess thermodynamic properties of liquid ternary systemsShukla, R K; Kumar, Atul; Mishra, Manoj; Dwivedi, PreetiIJPAP Vol.46(9) [Sepetember 2008]629-636
Dielectric, electrical and microstructural properties of unfilled and MWCNTs filled polystyrene nanocomposite prepared by in-situ polymerization technique using ultrasonic irradiationVerma, K K; Alam, Mohd Shadab; Sinha, R K; Shukla, R KIJPAP Vol.52(09) [September 2014]614-619
Emission and Performance Analysis of Green Gas in a VCR EngineSaraswat, M; Dixit, A; Shukla, R KJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]634-638
Internal pressure, excess internal pressure and pseudo-Gruneisen parameter of binary systems from associated and non-associated modelsShukla, R K; Tenguriya, Kirti; Shukla, Sadhna; Tiwari, Manish; Dwivedi, SonuIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]469-477
Opto-electronic humidity sensor with incident light in the form of a conical beamYadav, B C; Srivastava, Anchal; Shukla, R K; Dubey, G CIJPAP Vol.44(09) [September 2006]694-699
Persistent photoconductivity in a-Se90Ge10-xInx thin filmsSingh, Sangeeta; Shukla, R K; Kumar, AIJEMS Vol.12(5) [October 2005]461-466
Role of Automation in Energy Management and DistributionSaraswat, Manish; Sharma, Kamal; Chauhan, Nathi Ram; Shukla, R KJSIR Vol.79(10) [October 2020]951-954
Sol-gel processed TiO2 films on U-shaped glass-rods as optical humidity sensorYadav, B C; Shukla, R K; Bali, L MIJPAP Vol.43(01) [January 2005]51-55
Specific heat studies in glassy Se78Ge22 and Se68Ge22M10 (M = Cd, In, Pb) alloysTiwari, R S; Mehta, N; Shukla, R K; Agarwal, P; Kumar, AIJPAP Vol.43(05) [May 2005]363-367
Spectrophotometric studies of [bis(pyrazine)silver(ll)-peroxodisulphate] and kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of water by it in aqueous perchloric acidShukla, R K; Indrayan, A KIJC-A Vol.36A(01) [January 1997]53-56
Titania films deposited by thermal evaporation as humidity sensorYadav, B C; Shukla, R KIJPAP Vol.41(09) [September 2003]681-685