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Determination of lead in environmental and alloy samplesBarve, A D; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.32A(05) [May 1993]460-462
Extraction and determination of microgram amounts of molybdenum(VI) and tungsten(VI) in carbon steel, mild steel, plain steel and Mn-Mo steelBarve, A D; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.33A(12) [December 1994]1126-1128
Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of palladium(II) with triphenylphosphine sulphidePatil, N N; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]347-348
Extraction of La(III) and Nd(Ill) salicylatesKhopkar, Supriya S; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]349-350
Extractive separation of tellurium(IV) with triphenylarsine oxide and tributylphosphine oxide as extractantsGhalsasi, Y V; Khopkar, S S; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.38A(06) [June 1999]621-623
Liquid Anion Exchange Extraction: Separation & Determination of Rhenium(VII)Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.23A(11) [November 1984]965-666
Metal Complexes of Phenanthraquinone Monothiosemicarbazone & 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthaquinone ThiosemicarbazoneBabar, V J; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.22A(05) [May 1983]447-449
Mutual Separation of Zinc(II), Cadmium(II) & Mercury (II) & of Gallium(III), Indium(III) & Thallium(III) by Reversed Phase Paper ChromatographyVeole, C G; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]1053-1054
Selective determination of cobalt(II) in alloy samples using synergistic extractionRajan, Macmol; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.35A(03) [March 1996]251-252
Separation of Fe(III) from biological and pharmaceutical samples and its subsequent determinationKhopkar, Supriya S; Shinde, V MIJCT Vol.03(4) [July 1996]194-196
Solvent extraction of cadmium and mercury with Aliquat 336Malvankar, P L; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.32A(01) [January 1993]81-84
Synergistic extraction of copper(II), cobalt(II) and nickel(II) with trifluoroacetylacetone and pyridinePillai, Veena D; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.34A(05) [May 1995]407-409
Synergistic extraction of uranium(VI) and Iron(lll) using trifluoroacetylacetone and pyridinePillai, Veena D; Shinde, V MIJC-A Vol.35A(10) [October 1996]906-908