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Development of bacterial blight resistance versions of basmati rice genotypes from Jammu, Northern Himalaya using marker-assisted selectionBhat, Javaid Akhter; Salgotra, RK; Gupta, BB; Kaushik, RP; Kumar, B; Sharma, M; Razdan, VK; Rai, GK; Gupta, MoniIJBB Vol.52(5&6) [October-December 2015]341-348
In vitro cloning of female and male Carica papaya through tips of shoots and inflorescencesAgnihotri, S; Singh, S K; Jain, M; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Chaturvedi, H CIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]235-240
In vitro germplasm preservation through regenerative excised root culture for conservation of phytodiversityChaturvedi, H C; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Agha, B Q; Gupta, PIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]305-315
Immobilization of porcine pancreas lipase onto free and affixed arylamine glass beads and its application in removal of oil stainsSharma, M; Kumar, V; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.7(3) [July 2008]328-332
Induced nucellar embryogenesis in vitro for clonal multiplication of Mangifera indica L. var. Ambalavi: A dwarfing rootstockChaturvedi, H C; Agnihotri, S; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Gupta, P; Chourasia, A; Kidwai, N RIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]221-228
Kinetics and mechanism of heterogeneous cadmium sulphide and homogeneous manganese(II) catalysed oxidation of sulphur(IV) by dioxygen in acetate buffered mediumManoj, S V; Singh, R; Sharma, M; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]507-521
Magnetic and spectral studies on cobalt(II) chelates of a dithiocarbazate derived from isoniazidKalia, S B; Lumba, K; Kaushal, G; Sharma, MIJCA Vol.46A(8) [August 2007]1233-1239
Production of cloned trees of Populus deltoides through in vitro regeneration of shoots from leaf, stem and root explants and their field cultivationChaturvedi, H C; Sharma, A K; Agha, B Q; Jain, M; Sharma, MIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]203-208
Rates of autoxidation of sulphur (IV) in aqueous suspensions of limestone. powder: Implications for scrubber chemistryPrasad, D S N; Rani, Ashu; Sharma, M; Gupta, K SIJCT Vol.01(2) [March 1994]87-92