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Characteristics of a self averaging Pitot type probeSingh, S N; Seshadri, V; Agrawal, A KIJEMS Vol.01(3) [June 1994]153-157
Characteristics of coal ash and their role in hydraulic design of ash disposal pipelinesBiswas, A; Gandhi, B K; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.07(1) [February 2000]1-7
Effect of aspect ratio and curvature on characteristics of S-shaped diffusersGupta, Vinit; Devpura, Rajneesh; Singh, S.N.; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.08(3) [June 2001]141-148
Effect of bluff body shape on vortex flow meter performanceGandhia, B K; Singh, S N; Seshadri, V; Singh, JeeotIJEMS Vol.11(5) [October 2004]378-384
Effect of wedge shape and pressure tap locations on the characteristics of a wedge flowmeterSeshadri, V; Singh, S N; Bhargava, SIJEMS Vol.01(5) [October 1994]261-266
Flow characteristics of an annular gas turbine combustor model for reacting flows using CFDSingh, S N; Seshadri, V; Singh, R K; Mishra, TJSIR Vol.65(11) [November 2006]921-934
Hold-up in multi-sized particulate solid-liquid flow through horizontal pipesSeshadri, V; Singh, S N; Fabien, Charau; Mishra, RIJEMS Vol.08(2) [April 2001]84-89
Migration of solid particles in the heterogeneous slurry flow through a 90° bendGupta, Rajat; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]10-20
Modifications in a cross flow turbine for performance improvementJoshi, C B; Seshadri, V; Singh, S NIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]261-267
Optimum diffuser geometry for the automotive catalytic converterKulkarni, G S; Singh, S N; Seshadri, V; Mohan, RatanIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]5-13
Performance characteristics of an eccentric venturimeter with elongated throat for flow rate measurement of solid-liquid flowsBharani, S; Mishra, R; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.06(3) [June 1999]119-124
Performance evaluation of orifice plate assemblies under non-standard conditions using CFDSingh, R K; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.17(6) [December 2010]397-406
Prediction of concentration and size distribution of solids in a slurry pipelineSeshadri, V; Singh, S N; Ahmed, MukhtarIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]1-9
Prediction of performance characteristics of a centrifugal slurry pump handling clear liquidGandhi, B K; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.05(3) [June 1998]91-96
Pressure drop across conventional and diverging-converging pipe bends in the flow of multi-sized particulate slurriesMishra, Rakesh; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.05(1) [February 1998]9-14
Pressure drop for the flow of high concentration solid-liquid mixture across 90º horizontal conventional circular pipe bendVerma, Abhai Kumar; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.13(6) [December 2006]477-483
Effect of different annulus heights on performance of annular gas turbine model combustorGarg, Gourav; Bharani, Sanjeev; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]403-408