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Chemical Effects of Cathodic Glow Electrolysis in Electrolytes Containing Oxidisable Substrates: Cathodic Oxidation of Iodide to IodineSengupta, Susanta KIJC-A Vol.25A(03) [March 1986]261-262
Conversion of Methylene Blue into a Red Form in Formally Aprotic Solvents – Kinetics of Conversion in HexamethylphosphotriamideSengupta, Susanta KIJC-A Vol.24A(01) [January 1985]54-55
Influence of apolar aprotic solvents on proton transfer equilibrium between m-/o-chlorobenzoic acids and the carbinol base of crystal violet: A chemometric analysisShrivastava, Ruchi; Mishra, Sangeeta; Sengupta, Susanta KIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]933-936
Proton transfer equilibria between m-substituted benzoic acids and the carbinol base of crystal violet in apolar aprotic solvents : A comparison between toluenephase and aqueous-phase strengths of the acidsSengupta, Susanta K; Rani, V RadhaIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1057-1062
Proton transfer equilibria between o-substituted benzoic acids and the carbinol base of crystal violet in apolar aprotic solvents: Chemometric analysis of ortho effectSengupta, Susanta K; Mishra, SangeetaIJCA Vol.47A(3) [March 2008]390-393
A study on non-faradaic yields of anodic contact glow discharge electrolysis using cerous ion as the OH scavenger: An estimate of the primary yield of OH radicalsSengupta, Susanta K; Singh, Rajeshwar; Srivastava, Ashok KIJC-A Vol.37A(06) [June 1998]558-560