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Assessment of Effective Design of Tailing Pond for Safe Disposal of Iron Ore TailingsGhose, M K; Sen, P KJSIR Vol.60(11) [November 2001]883-889
Buried clay pot irrigation for efficient and controlled water deliveryVasudevan, Padma; Thapliyal, Alka; Sen, P K; Dastidar, M G; Davies, PhilipJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]645-652
Buried clay pot Irrigation for horticulture in arid zones: A case studySingh, Prahlad; Jaipal, Pukh Raj; Vasudevan, Padma; Sen, P K; Jangir, R PJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]709-712
Buried clay pot irrigation using saline waterVasudaven, P; Kaphaliya, Bhumija; Srivastava, R K; Tandon, Mamta; Singh, S N; Sen, P KJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]653-655
Characteristics of the Iron Ore Tailing Pond Effluent in India and its ManagementGhose, M K; Sen, P KJSIR Vol.59(10) [October 2000]822-828
Coherent transient effects in a InGaAs1-x/GaAs semiconductor quantum dotBafna, Manish K; Sen, Pratima; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.51(08) [August 2013]553-557
Effect of doping on stimulated Brillouin scattering in piezoelectric magnetized III-V semiconductorsSingh, Manjeet; Aghamkar, Praveen; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.45(6) [June 2007]517-523
Effect of temperature on non-linear optical properties of InGaAs/GaAs single quantum dotBafna, M K; Sen, P; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.44(02) [February 2006]152-156
Growth of tree saplings of Azadirachta indica Juss (Neem) under fertigation with untreated and treated domestic wastewaterThapliyal, Alka; Vasudevan, Padma; Dastidar, M G; Tandon, Mamta; Sen, P K; Mishra, SeemaJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]616-621
Impact on Surface Water Quality due to the Disposal of Tailings from Iron Ore Mines in IndiaGhose, M K; Sen, P KJSIR Vol.58(09) [September 1999]699-704
Investigation of soil engineering properties for safe design and construction of the iron ore tailing damGhose, M K; Sen, P KIJEMS Vol.08(6) [December 2001]318-326
Purification of water using vertical multiple effect distillation unitDesale, G R; Vasudevan, Padma; Pothal, J K; Zala, KS; Bhatti, B A; Singh, S N; Sen, P KJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]634-638
Simulation of small disturbance waves over alternate rigid and compliant panelsSen, P K; Hegde, S; Carpenter, P WIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]409-413
Study of dipole moment calculations for various transitions on polarization state of output radiationBafna, Manish K; Sen, Pratima; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.53(04) [April 2015]221-224
Sustainable rural micro-enterprises through co- and tri-generation: Review of conceptsSen, P K; Vasudevan, Padma; Singh, S N; Davies, PhilipJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]683-687
Synthesis of thienospiran derivatives and studies of regioselectivity in Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction Sen, P K; Saha, Uttam Kumar; Das (nee Deb), TulikaIJC-B Vol.38B(06) [June 1999]648-656
Synthesis of tri- and tetracyclic heterocycles related to cyclohexa- and cyclohepta[b] thiophenesSen, P K; Saha, Uttam Kumar; Das (<i>nee</i> Deb), TulikaeIJC-B Vol.39B(05) [May 2000]334-338
Theoretical study of spin splitting in parabolic semiconductor quantum dotsBafna, Manish K; Sen, Pratima; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.50(08) [August 2012]571-575