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Microbial Transformation of Rifamycin: A Novel Approach to Rifamycin DerivativesJobanputra, A H; Patil, G D; Sayyed, R Z; Chaudhari, A B; Chincholkar, S BIJBT Vol.02(3) [July 2003]370-377
Plant Growth Promotion and Root Colonization by EPS Producing Enterobacter sp. RZS5 under Heavy Metal Contaminated SoilSayyed, R Z; Patel, P R; Shaikh, S SIJEB Vol.53(02) [February 2015]116-123
Poly--hydroxybutyrate production by Pseudomonas sp. RZS 1 under aerobic and semi-aerobic conditionSayyed, R Z; Gangurde, N SIJEB Vol.48(09) [September 2010]942-947
Production of biocontrol traits by banana field fluorescent Pseudomonads and comparison with chemical fungicideShaikh, S S; Patel, P R; Patel, S S; Nikam, S D; Rane, T U; Sayyed, R ZIJEB Vol.52(09) [September 2014]917-920
Production of microbial iron chelators (siderophores) by fluorescent PseudomonadsSayyed, R Z; Badgujar, M D; Sonawane, H M; Mhaske, M M; Chincholkar, S BIJBT Vol.4(4) [October 2005]484-490
Siderophore production by Alcaligenes faecalis and its application for growth promotion in Arachis hypogaeaSayyed, R Z; Gangurde, N S; Patel, P R; Josh, S A; Chincholkar, S BIJBT Vol.9(3) [July 2010]302-307
Solid state cultivation of Curvularia lunata for transformation of rifamycin B to S Rasalkar, A A; Salunke, B K; Sayyed, R Z; Chaudhari, A B; Chincholkar, S BIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]930-933
Production, efficient recovery and partial characterization of biodegradable polymer produced by soil Streptomyces sp.Wani, S J; Sayyed, R ZIJBT Vol.15(1) [January 2016]127-129