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Design of neutral hydrocarbons having a planar tetracoordinate carbonPriyakumar, U Deva; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]455-457
Hard-soft acid-base (HSAB) principle and difference in d-orbital configurations of metals explain the regioselectivity of nucleophilic attack to a carbinol in Friedel-Crafts reaction catalyzed by Lewis and protonic acidsPanda, Gautam; Mishra, Jitendra K; Shagufta; Dinadayalane, T C; Sastry, G Narahari; Negi, Devendra SIJC-B Vol.45B(01) [January 2006]276-287
Methyl and vinyl substituted 1H-, 2H-, and 3H-phospholes and their Diels-Alder reactions with ethylene: A semiempirical AM1 studyGeetha, K; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-A Vol.42A(01) [January 2003]11-18
Quantifying dispersion interaction: A study of alkane and alkene dimersPremkumar, J Richard; Umadevi, Deivasigamani; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-A Vol.53A(08-09) [August-September 2014]985-991
Chemical examination of the soft coral Sinularia kavarattiensis and evaluation of anti-microbial activityRajaram, S; Ramesh, D; Ramulu, U; Anjum, M; Kumar, Pranay; Murthy, U S N; Hussain, M Altaf; Sastry, G Narahari; Venkateswarlu, YIJC-B Vol.53B(08) [August 2014]1086-1090
Structure, stability and reactivity parameters of (CH)8 isomers and their cation and anion radical counterparts : A theoretical studyPriyakumar, U Deva; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-A Vol.39A(01-03) [January-March 2000]92-99
Synthesis of novel α-amino acid functionalized 6-fluoro quinolones, their anti-bacterial activity and molecular docking studiesLingaiah, B P Venkat; Yakaiah, T; Shekhar, A Chandra; Kumar, A Ravi; Sathaiah, G; Raju, K; Rao, P Shanthan; Narsaiah, B; Kumar, K Pranay; Murthy, U S N; Purushotham, U; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-B Vol.51B(07) [July 2012]969-980
Understanding the structural requirements of triarylethane analogues towards PDE-IV inhibitors: A molecular modeling study†Srivani, P; Kiran, K; Sastry, G NarahariIJC-A Vol.45A(01) [January 2006]68-76